Miracle Grow Organic potting soil?

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  1. So I'm attempting my first grow. I've got my space set up, my seeds germinated, and now I'm wondering about soil. Now I've read numerous reports of people using Miracle Grow and their plants getting nute burn and all kinds so I was going to steer clear of MG altogether.

    But when I went to Walmart today to buy my potting soil, all they had was different variations of MG. So after a few minutes of searching and double-checking, I found a bag of "Miracle Grow - Organic. Guaranteed to double the size of your plants naturally!" So I bought that. I asked the sales clerk to make sure, if it had any fertilizer in it and she said no.

    So I was wondering what you guys thought. Any body ever used it before; and if so, what kinda results did you get with it?

    Edit: I have one other small question. Is it possible to let seeds germinate too long? Like say if I just checked on them and the seed casings are either off or almost off and I'm left with a white root-tip thing? Sorry for the shitty pic, but I'm sure you can tell what I'm saying, right?

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  2. I believe I read that MG's organic does not have chemical fertilizer in it. Their other soils have chemical ferts that release all at once. Mostly likely the problem people have with MG's regular soil is that they water their weed plants every couple days whereas those time released are meant to feed during normal rain cycles(I'm guessing).
  3. You can grow MJ in concrete if you try hard enough and have enough patiance....as for miracle grow.....I wouldnt use it..Never have never will. For the record i think mixing your own soil is like the love your grandma put in those cookies she made.No matter how hard you tried you just never could make em taste the same.... Read more ...ask more questions if you need to and mix your own soil...... As for germination Usually when the root tip is about a 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch long out of the shell thats when i put em in the ground and by doing that i have about a 80% success rate of every last one i put in the ground peeking at me within the week.BTW only plant the about ainch and a half deep and DONT PACK The soil over them make sure the soil is loose like - well you know where i was goin.
  4. Well I went ahead and decided to try the MG Organic mix. I think it'll work alright, I'm just a little concerned about the seeds. They were kinda longer than what they're "supposed" to be.
    I'd hate to not even get to some little baby plants before I failed at this.

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