Miracle Grow Accident

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  1. I found a pot with potting soil in it, and I planted 15 plants in it. Unfortunately I think the soil may be miracle grow because the plants are withering and they are not as tall as they should be. They also have holes in them, either from pests or the soil. They are still fairly young, and they def are not near death so I want to transplant them. Should I flush the root system, or can I just transplant the plants into other pots with better soil?
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    15 plants in an average size pot is WAY too many in first place...trying to save your plants is likely not going to work no matter what you do...holes and nute burn don't work well together - especially not @ a young stage.

    You can try transplanting them but as I said chances are slim it's gonna work.
  3. how old are they and how big is this 'pot'?
  4. probaby the pot is small since he found it and the soil in there is probably shit and old unless you didn't find it

    you definatly need to transplant them because as long as there is a chance for them to live you should take it because even one saved plant is better than none.
  5. One plant per pot is the rule.
  6. This has nothing to do with the post but my buddy had three plants in a five gallon bucket and they all made it and it was actually some bomb smoke.
  7. I know most people here would consider miracle grow potting mix nooby shit, but I started with it on my outdoor grow and my plants are very happy.

    The key is to not over nute or over water. Miracle grow drains pretty quickly, and has bark perlite etc etc in it. It's very expensive and well mixed soil, but I think it's primarily meant for flowers and stuff (not vegetables, or ganj plants particularly)

    Let the soil do the work and don't add much to it!
  8. Obviously those of us who have been growing for years know absolutely fuck all.
  9. Dude, 2 plants per pot is a force, never mind 15!
  10. while i dont like to encourage people to use miracle grow soil, it is not some instant pot killer lol

    i think the soil might have a disease or something

    this thread serves as a warning to growers

    dont reuse soil
  11. Nonsense - farmers do it every year. And so will I for 2010 - I don´t anticipate any problems.

  12. farmers let the fields rest between grows (rotate crops)

    also growing with ferts in buckets is a longggg way off from growing in the ground naturally

    it is possible to reuse soil, if you bake it to kill any potential nastys that may be in it, but as a general rule - DONT REUSE SOIL!

    if you dont want to waste old soil (meaning something like 100 gallons of promix from an indoor grow lets say) - I would mix it with either new promix or some real good black dirt from a field in a raised bed - if you didnt use chems ferts, you wont usually have a problem, but baking is still a good idea to get rid of diesease and bugs
  13. They rotate crops, but still use the same soil.

    As will I next year - I will replenish ferts but will still reuse the basic substrate, as farmers have been doing for centuries.

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