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miracle grow 20-20-20 fertilizer how much should I use?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Denargle, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. So before i started reading about all of the superior MJ fertilizers out there i picked up some miracle grow 20-20-20. I figure i might as well use it so it dosent go to waste how much of this stuff would you guys recommend i use. my plants are about 3 weeks old the largest is in the range of 10-12 in. 3 are in the range or 4 to 6 and one which came from a really fucked seed and im convinced is a runt is lie 2 inches tall.
  2. A lot of people will just say to throw it away, but I made it through my first grow with 3 harvested females that were a decent size for cfls.. Just do 1/3 of whatever the instructions say..

    I usually start off really low and increase only if I don't see any burn coming on.. You do have to be careful because mg can really fry your babies.. Keep it light and simple and you should be fine..
  3. IMO you are letting the tail wag the dog. You know there are better nutes out there, but you are going to use an inferior nute so it "doesn't go to waste"? All you will waste is about $3, but you risk the quality of your entire grow.

    That is an average, general purpose chemical fert. As samson said, you can use it but cut down the dosage. And that is just a veg fert in any event, you will want a different fert for flower.
  4. I think ill just pick up some high quality fertilizer and throw the mg out
  5. :hello:
  6. Not gonna lie, alot of people knock MG bad...

    My first ever grow... I grew some bad ass shit with MG and no nutrients... just make sure you flush good and hard before harvest 7-10 days. MG is hot like fire. They made that shit for old people who just put water in and go.

    Fox farm is the way to go, may take nutrients later down the road to keep it fed, but DAMN that soil rocks
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    Skimping on quality never pays off. If you really dont have the money use General Hydroponics dry ferts in powder form. If you can spend a little more use Flora Nova Grow and Flora Nova Bloom, an easy 2 part fertilizer. I suggest getting a non organic soil to start with so you don't run the risk of hot spots (too high fert concentration in pockets of soil) or fungus which then supports fungus gnats. If you supplement your floranova with 5 mls (1 teaspoon) of hygrozyme you should have extremely happy roots.

    Make sure to buy a PH TEST KIT OR YOU WILL HAVE MULTIPLE DEFICIENCIES -- PH (potential hydrogen) affects what nutrients your plant absorbs and how much of it. If your ph is wild your plant does not get a steady balanced supply of nutes so it will have deficiencies affecting yield and quality.


    A plant can only grow as fast as its most limiting factor (water co2 etc.)

    Basically make sure your room is about 74%farenheit and 50% humidity (High humidity in flower breeds mold).

    Make sure you have adequate air flow, plants need co2 to live. Fans keep an even temperature and strengthen the plants stem so it can support heavy flowers, they serve the purpose of wind like in nature. The windier it is, the harder it is for pest colonies to manifest -- flying is haphazard for those little shits.

    A basic safe pesticide for veg is AZAMAX (Azatrol in some places) is a Neem extract. Use it every 10 days in veg!!!!!!!!!!! It is best to be proactive when it comes to pests!!!!!!!

    It seems you are somewhat new so I kinda flooded you with info. Best to look from the shoulders of giants than go it alone.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. All my information is from accredited sources which is a rare find on internet forums!

  8. Basically what I said ^ hahhaha
  9. aight cool thanks for the info man

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