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  1. anybody use this in their grow? how does it affect your yield if at all? any info is appreciated
  2. Don't use MG soil, it has time-released nutes than can kill baby MJ sprouts.

    Their ferts are probably OK as a run-of-the-mill chemical fert.
  3. yup don't use the MG soil.

    but the ferts from my experience do work great, you just have to use it at a lot less strength than they recommend (i was using ~1/10 at first, then got up to about 1/3 at most). just don't over do it and you'll get some good results.
  4. 1tsp MG / gallon of water for small plants, 2tsp/gallon for larger plants. Works great !

    Dont forget a good flush last couple weeks.
  5. Can you use MG soil (Organic for tomatoes) if flushed properly? Also, what would you reccomend as soil and where can I find it?
  6. i think MG soil is ok as long as it doesn't have the time released ferts. check the fert content on the tomato organic soil, and if it's pretty low and doesn't have time released, then it'll most likely be good to go.

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