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  1. Hey guy i was wondering if starting a plant in miracle gro soil for the first week are two then to move out side in normal earth would that be fine are is starting plant in a little bit of miracle gro bad?
  2. How old is the plant?
  3. If you're just going to be starting it and then putting it into a different medium, just get some vermiculite and milled sphagnum peat moss. Throw some earthworm castings in there as well if you want to see the roots explode before you transplant.

    Vermiculite and sphagnum can both be found at Ace Hardware, Lowes and Home Depot. At least around here they can.
  4. I use something very similar I use 50% peat moss and 50% perlite and a smudge of lime to balance the ph, but OP both this mix and the mix posted above are exelent & will promote great root growth and good drainage. Be sure to always keep track of your ph, most people neglect to do so
  5. organic seed starter mix they sell at wal mart for 2 bucks is better than mg for a young plant =p(generally just peat,perlite,yucca extract)
  6. Ferti lome ultimate potting mix- it already has lime in it. I've had great success with it from seed-Harvest twice now. It has got no fertilizer at all
  7. I've seen a bunch of threads on here with experienced growers showing off awesome grows that were done with Miracle Gro. Haven't used it myself but take that for what it is.

    Just do a search for "Miracle Gro success" on google or something. Sometimes people simply don't have the time, money, or access to get these high quality soils.

    Just keep in mind it has fertilizer in it already, so you stand a good chance of burning your plants if you don't feed them properly.
  8. im running a miracle gro grow as we speak plants are thriving off the stuff, just dont put young plants in the shit it will burn the crap outa them, do a 50-50 mix with potting soil or somthing similar

    i did think about just putting MG down the base of the pots also, but decided a mix was better,,,
  9. If miracle gro was the answer, no one would ask the question.

  10. i cant stand the taste of mg grown weed

    you literally cannot flush it enough
  11. Miracle Grow is absolute crap. It's over nuted, so as stated above, the taste stays in your plant no matter the flush. It kills young plants and sometime others. The composition is very dense, woody, and not really anything like what you want a high performing plant to be in. And it really doesn't cost that much to go with something else. Yes some bags of premium soil can go up to 30-40 bucks each, but you can make the mixes talked about above for far cheaper. And access is another BS excuse, every state has a garden center somewhere, even amazon sells pretty much any piece of growing equipment you may need. Get something besides miracle grow and good luck. And as ProdigalSun stated it best, "if miracle grow was the answer, no one would ask the question."

  12. Yeah man I'm sure you can grow some good shit but mg has a bad rep. I first used mg organic potting mix and mg seed starter, yeah the seeds germd and they grew,I could tell they were growing slow, and kinda stunted...like I'd see pics on here and wonder why my plants looked like shit.

    So I harvested an auto nlxbig bud. I didn't weight it but I'm sure it was an oz at the most.

    2nd run I switched to a differnt soil it was 11 bucks and I my 3rd harvest will be about if I had to guess 2 1/2 oz idk maybe less but I know it lasts me about 40 or 45 days
  13. Haters gonna hate, I used MG starter soil for some clones. Healthiest clones I've had and they all rooted.

  14. Yeah it works but the owners of mg are pure evil. They're fucking with the food

  15. this

    one of the most evil companies

    miracle gross imo
  16. OP is dead
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    Scotts? I'm assuming you both hate Monsanto for unknown reasons(maybe you read "natural news") but Scotts is not owned by Monsanto.


  18. either way..

    nasty time release chemicals..

    you cannot flush mg enough to get the taste of it outta your buds

    or the chemicals it leaves behind in the finished product
  19. That's fine hate their product for a reason not because of some other company.

    I'm sure any chemicals in the starter soil is gone by the time they're mature. I don't use the time release stuff.
    I did use maxsea to fert and my buds were fine.

  20. yes i looked into my error and the relation between monsanto and scotts is that they share round-up


    either way i dont use chemicals and i think mg grown has a distinct taste that i cant stand

    starter soil might be one thing but im talking ppl putting plants and flowering them in mg soil

    most of the mg soils feed for like 10 months or some bullshit

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