Miracle gro potting soil

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  1. hey guys i am borrowing my friends name, I dont know where else to ask. lol

    any way is miracle gro potting soil good / safe to use with marij?
  2. It's not the best to use unless its the organic kind. MG has a ton of nutes in it, too much for a seedling, which usually results in nute burn. You can use it if you absolutely NEED to but I'd say flush it out to be on the safe side.
  3. Nute burn is caused by over watering MG. Don't over water MG and you will not have any problems.

    Open a bag a check it out. It is dark, rich and fertile. Great for growing MJ.

    Look up my grow journal to see the reults.

  4. i use MG just fine... dont over water... water releases the nutrients in the soil which will burn the seedling, as it progresses, however, the plant will love those nutrients and it will allow you to sit back instead of having to remember what nutes and when to use.

    before you flower MAKE SURE TO FLUSH THE SOIL. If you dont, the nurients will get into the bud and it will taste bad and burn poorly.

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