Miracle-Gro Potting Mix

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  1. I was wondering if this is okay soil to use, or if I should add something to it, or whatever.

    Here's a picture of it, courtesy of Google Images:p
  2. I just recently learned that this soil is horrible for seedlings. But fantastic for plants usually 2 weeks old.

    My advice is do what im doing, buy some peatmoss pucks or rockwool pucks or whatever is at your local store, and grow seedlings in them for 2 weeks and transplant them to a pot full of that soil.

    Thats the exact same soil i have by the way. My friend also has the same soil and his plant is 6ft tall.
  3. is there anything u can add to the soil for the first 2 weeks?? i jus started my first grow too and i bout the same soil??
  4. If you HAVE to use MG you really should use the organic...that kind is way too hot and will burn your plants with ferts.
  5. no, don't use it... miracle grow has multiple headache problems tied to it... some people get nute burn from the time-release nutes in it... others get mites, gnats, other bugs... others get pH problems due to lack of pH buffers in the soil...

    yes, it will grow things, it isn't stained with death from the get-go... no, it's not a good soil, in fact its the worst possible you could have picked up...
  6. Pretty much what he said ^^^^
  7. lol looks like FF it is lol
  8. i used that exact stuff there with some white widow and got a really healthy plant but then I bought the organic miracle grow and a bag of miracle grow peat moss. Im growing some bag seed with it now and seem to be having a little bit of a PH problem. nothing to serious but next time I will prolly buy some diff type of soil. It keeps the plant healthy as hell but like they said the probability of having a ph problem is pretty high...
  9. ph drops to 4-5, too dense- holds water too long, which leads to fungus gnats. the bugs hybernate in the soil until it is used.

  10. I had used this for some tomato plants around the edge of my grow, had to remove all the miracle grow planted tomatoes as bugs were in soil, non of my other plants were effected.

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