Miracle-gro potting mix?

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  1. Hey, I was wondering if Miracle Gro potting mix is an acceptable choice to place seedlings in?

  2. Im using miracle grow organic choice and its fine, others say the moisture control mix works well too.
    Not a damn thing wrong with it, you can bet the people at miracle grow want to make stuff suitable for cannabis growers too.
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  3. I used it. My plant seems fine.

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  4. I didn't use any nutes either, as it's already got em in there. I used the high nitrogen first, now they're in organic choice.

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  5. It killed every seedling I had and the bags I purchased were infested with fungus gnats. I'm sure it will work but definitely not your best option if you are going organic.

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  6. Horrible soil imo, I wont even use it for houseplants.
  7. Yes it's fine, Iv seen many side-by-side grows comparing soils
    and miracle gro prevails via rigorous growth every time!

    Google the ingrediants and where theyre derived from, youll noticed very slim differ
  8. I'm using miracle grow, due to cost.  I've been told by an expert gardener to water with Miracle Grow Fertilizer  while using their soil.  My plants look good.
  9. I would never use mg soil! Or ferts! If you knew where and how the mg company first started and the people that where involves you would never use. They are involved with gangs, pollution, drugs, and so much more, and there products suck!!!
    But if you like then use it then that's cool :) but alls you need to so is hop over to @[member="JTchonger"] thread and you will see how much mg soil stunted his plants, he had a real struggle with it. He is very friendly and I suggest you reading his thread then having a chat :) then I assure you that you will eifer be out buying more soil or digging some up lol!

    Sorry if that came across a bit harsh but I'm getting tired of seeing so many plants hurt/killed because of miracle grows products.

    Peace 👽

    Grow journal - http://forum.grasscity.com/index.php?/topic/1289059-
  10. I am going to be using Miracle Gro Natures Care Organic Potting Mix for my seedlings. Will not be using it for my final transplant, but despite what everyone says I think I'll be completely fine. 
  11. Here's my girl, started in mg high nitrogen, then when time to flower came, put her into mg organic choice, using African violet food. (7-6-19).

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  12. If your on a low budget then it's fine to use. I know a few people that use it and they haven't encountered any problems. Sometimes mg will have gnats in it though so be prepared for that.
  13. after planting all my new sprouts in miracle grow potting mix. (chili peppers, sunflowers, etc) i noticed signs of slow growth and yellowing. the soils PH. was orange! between a 3 and a 4. 7 is neutral. what the #%*^ over? i checked miracle grows website for reviews. lots of folks this year have similar problems. looks like even miracle grow, a long standing good product is crap now!
  14. I've used miracle Gro successfully for two years. Not a problem. It does help to have flowering fertilizers towards the flower stage. I've used potting soil and I've used moisture control. Those who hate on it are just doubters.
  15. Eh.

    It sounds like there's a lot of differing opinion...

    I'm a fox farms kinda dude.
  16. MG isn't sterilized so you get all the bugs along with it. You also need to be able to control what nutes your plants get and at what stages...you will not be able to control this in MG as much of it is time release. N during late flowering stage is bad for taste and quality and your plants will not get enough P and K as well. It will grow but you will only see mid shelf at best.
  17. bought bag of fox farm ocean forest, great stuff! sprouts perked right up within a week. yellowing is fading. i believe that my previous soil mixes PH of 3-4 produced this yellowing. it is a hit and miss with premixed soils. always check your stuff before you use it now my motto, meh!


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