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  1. I know the soil sucks.. but it was cheap, and it's called weed for a reason.. its a weed, put it in soil it will grow.

    I'm sorry I didn't go out and spend the extra 20 bucks on fox farm or other big name soil in advance, but I'm short on funds..

    Anyone have any experience growing with Miracle Gro organic line?

    Any pointers on watering/feeding?

    All tips appreciated.
  2. I'm sorry but for most weeds, you don't need to control, temp, humidity, ph, ppm and light times. Only if you do control these, relativly well then you will yeild quality buds. If that soil has any time release ferts in it you're plant will die. If only it were so easy as, plant it and it will grow, unfortunatly with most strains this is simply not the case. Check you're bag and see if it has any NPK levels on it. Also what lighting do you have? Sorry about being a downer, just trying to get the facts across.

  3. If your going for cheap, then MG is NOT the cheapest or safest route for growing weed.
    Im sure the same store you bought that at had generic potting soil with no slow release ferts that would have worked just as good if not better. No it doesnt have to be FF to grow good weed, but if your all about budget MG is not the cheapest. Just be careful when you start to feed your babys, just because it says its organic, it still has slo release ferts that "feed for up to 3 months".... Good luck in you endeavor.
  4. I'm using (2) 2ft 20 watt flourescents.. T12s.. This isnt a grow for yield its an experiment I want to see how they grow first hand instead of looking at pictures.. Its in a closet so I cant add my HPS lights without drilling holes in it. I got about 7 bag seeds going in the pots today and tomorrow.I threw the bags away so I cant tell you the nutrients but its a 2-1-1 ratio I believe

    Also I have flora nutrients for a future hydro grow... but can you feed soil plants with it.. maybe when it comes time to flower?
  5. You havent got enough light to grow one good plant there, sorry bro.
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    Once again, not going for yield, I've seen a friend finish 4 plants with 2 household bulbs.. I think this can wing it... the lights were cheap, I can always add more on the sides or whatever, but it looks pretty bright in there. And I'm expecting half to be males so really its gonna be for 2-4 plants and I think I'll be ok
  7. Sorry no, you need 100 watts per plant if you want to mature a plant properly, that will still not give great yeild from a cfl or the like, you're friend may of used 2 50 watt cfls, in which case yes he could of had 1 ok plant or 4 bad ones. But I don't see why you just dont grow one? What height are you aiming for?
  8. marijuana horiculture by george cervantes. just roll to the nearest bookstore,you dont haveto buy it just sit in the store and freeload, i guarantee that youll have a kickass grow after readin it.
  9. 100 watts per plant.. is for HPS I thought... I'm using flourescant tubes... So for 3 plants I'd need 3 100 watt flouro tubes? That doesnt sound right to me.. plus the lights are pretty much right up on the plants... or will be atleast if/when they sprout.
  10. Its used for both but with fluros you would idealy use more due to the lower lumen output, I have 2 200 watt cfls for two plants. Just to see what cfls can do really.
  11. If anything Ill add more light later if the need presents itself.. but Im starting with 40 watts, they light up the entire area so Ill start with this.. I'm more concerned about the soil than anything else... and if I can feed during flowering with my flora nutes or not. On the bag it says it feeds the plants for 2 months.. so I wasnt going to add anything other than tap wateer (sitting out for a day) for the veg cycle.
  12. Why not start off w/ 2 plants? You might have a chance then.
  13. I'n which case you're soil will kill you're plants. Also my 25 watt cfl lights up my room, however it wont grow shit.
  14. dude miracle grow sucks i used it once and i got nute burn and as soon as i transplanted and leeched they were back to normal but that stuff has way too much fertilizer in it
  15. if you use any MG use the moisture control....and yea Johnmarley's right it will give bad nute burns
  16. I hope you were kidding.
  17. theres a time release formula that works just as well...check marijuana buds for less..youll avoid nute burn and go the route you want
  18. Excuse me what?
  19. Miracle Grow is worthless IMO. Use black peat dirt. I bought black peat for about $50 U.S. for a truckload and hauled it 1000 miles for my garden. Sounds crazy but convenient because I happened to be in the area. They bagged the dirt under the name Green Thumb, and a few years ago, I saw it at Lowe's. However, I did a search and all I could come up with was an address and phone number: Green Thumb of Indiana, 9999 E Baseline Rd, Avilla, Indiana, ph: (260) 897-2319. I couldn't find any other method of contacting them to see who they may distribute with. Any black peat is excellent dirt.

    When I first got it, my girlfriend bought a few bags of the MG, and planted herbs and veggies in pots. When she ran out, she started using my soil. There was no comparison! MG sucks! She has used my soil ever since and has nothing but bad to say about MG. My pot plants are unbelievable and I haven't really known anything about growing. I just started reading about growing in the past month and amazed at how much I can do to improve my plants, even though I get 13 foot + plants and 2 - 3 inch trunks at the base, and I do NOT have a green thumb...it's the dirt. I don't want to endorse any brand soils but I will say, stay away from MG and find some black peat soil (not peat moss), either by the truckload or by the bag.
  20. I don´t actually control any of those parameters, never measure pH, don´t even know what ppm is. How the hell my 4 ladies gave me 72 ounces of dried/cured defeats me. Maybe something to do with giving them a good organic compost, good organic liquid ferts (BioCanna and my own Russian comfrey fert) and loads of good Spanish sunshine.

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