Miracle-Gro Organic Potting Soil?

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  1. I bought a bag of MG organic potting soil from home depot a few days ago and am wondering if its the best thing for my upcoming super lemon haze grow.

    I've heard that lots of the Miracle-Gro products have time release nutes that burn plants, and am just wondering if this applies to the organic products as well.

    If anybody has had any experience with this potting soil please let me know how it went and what you might have mixed in with this soil

  2. i used it last year on half my plants,
    they all came out very good.
    it has only a little time release but no big deal.
    its 100 times better than the old miracle grow shit
  3. dude that crap sucks, i put 3 germed seeds in it and none sprouted and 3 germed in some FFOF and boom 3 beautiful babys the next day...
  4. thats because only a retard throws a bunch of seeds in some soil and see wich ones sprout.

    germinating should be done in a wet paper towell.
    then when you see wich ones crack and sprout...you take em and plant them

    its common sense that not all seeds sprout.

    the soil is good. not the best but its damn good.
    and no one wants to spend hella money on foxfarm. thats just a rip off.
    MG organic choice is cool.
    but dont take no ones word for it. just try it out and you will
    see for yourself.

    i would reccomend it over any scotts or earthgro soil.

    just dont use regular miracle grow. cuz that shit sucks for sure
  5. oh yea since you go to home depot. check out this soil they have called kellog premium.
    its the best soil for growing weed. its the same exact thing as foxfarm but without the ripoff price.

    (its a white bag with purple stripes on it)

    this shit works better than any other soil ive ever used in my life
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    good point stickynugz, oh and thanks for the recommendation. if i have any issues with the miracle-gro organic i will be sure to use that soil.

    happy growing to all
  7. you should buy a bag of that soil and keep it handy....its only 4 bucks a bag.
    if you have any females that look really good and u want them to thrive just get a big pot and transplant it with some of that soil i was talking about...
    this year i used that soil on almost every plant i have and they are doing sweet.

    right now are over 4 feet tall and are deep green and healthy.

    with the miracle grow organic....just give it water.
    dont add any high nutes.

    you can make bone meal tea and water it with that...but it already has plenty of good
    organic fertilizer inside that will keep your plant healthy for some months.
  8. only a retard wouldn't read thoroughly and notice that i said germed, meaning i put them in a paper towel first and let them pop....
  9. The only real problem with Miracle Grow soil is its lack of porousness, if thats a word, basically the drainage sucks so ammend it with tons of perlite, and you will have great results, i sure did.
  10. I have germinated in soil and in towels - little to choose between them, IMHO.
  11. Miracle Grow Organic soil is not intended to be used in containers. It is basically wood chips, compost and steer manure and is not comparable to Fox Farm planting mix which contains everything you need to have a live and health soil: earthworm castings, bat guano, Norwegian kelp meal, composted forest humus, sphagnum peat moss, and it is also Ph balanced to insure plants can uptake nutrients.........

    You get what you pay for......

    Miracle Grow is the McDonald's of the gardening world and Fox Farm is the Whole Foods.
  12. I've heard some very bad reviews on MG organic, glass and plastic in the soil is one of the problems with it.

    I went to the MG website and the soil is rated 2/5 stars by like 98 people on the Official MG website.

  13. I use MG Organic Potting soil with perlite and the results were awesome. Sometimes you gotta work with what you got, so I don't think you should put it down so much. I remember I bought Hyponex, $2.50 for a 5 lb bag lmao...wow...consisted of the most unfertal dirt mixed with woodchips and human fecal matter. It makes MG Organic look like Fox Farm lol
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  14. Living in a 3rd world country, I have to agree with that.
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    I'm currently using a mixture of MG Organic, Bone Meal, Blood Meal, and Perlite. 50% of the mix consists of just perlite.

    My plant is 3 weeks 2 days old and has been in the organic medium (MG organic is composed of something like 75% sphagnum peat moss) since day 7. In the 16 days she has been in the mixture, with no nutes added yet she is doing extremely well. My grow is in my sig.

    I'm sure all of you know dankohzee, hes a really great organic grower on here.
    Here is Dankohzees Ultimate Seed Starting Mix,

    Say what you want about this potting mix but the results are quite clear. For those of you whom do not have easy access to FFoF, this is a valuble solution. And with enough nutes to keep a baby sprout healthy but not burn. (Nutes = 0.10-0.05-0.05)

    Good day :cool:
  16. check out my grow with MG organic

  17. I told ya =) I know alot of Miracle Grow is crap (trust me, it will burn the hell out of your plants and leave you in despair) but this soil is legit as well as the organic nutes MG offers too.
  18. yea i use the MG organic choice bone meal and that shit is excellent.
    it has nitrogen and phosphorus so basically YOU CAN SKIP THE BLOOD MEAL SHIT.
    its like a two in one.
  19. actually miracle grow organic choice makes soil for gardens and soil for pots.
    the potting mix is just fine for pots.

    and second...fox farm is some bullshit overpriced soil.
    its good....but wayy over priced.
    i get the same soil with the same exact ingredients. for 25% of the price.

    ive grown huge plants with mg organic choice and with just regular garden soil i made by
    composting plants and shit together. and throwing it in a hole and planting in that same spot the summer after.

  20. I've never used the MGOC for an entire grow, but properly amended, it makes an excellent starter mix. There's way too much nute/soil snobbery going on around here if you ask me. For those who are always singing the praises of FFOF, you all obviously must do very small grows as that stuff is way too expensive to use on more than a couple of plants. It's awesome stuff, yes, just too pricey to make it practical for larger grows.

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