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miracle gro organic choice potting mix

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by BigZ, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. today went out to Lowes and found some miracle gro organic choice potting mix! my question is this it said on the bag feeds up to 3months is that good or bad for seedlings?
  2. i am using that now. I have had no problems whatsoever. I still add nute solution to the water! But I waited about 2 months for that! My one loner female plant is doing great though
  3. that is what i'm using too. the mg with no ferts added, the all organic kind. i have had no problems with it either. :smoking:
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  4. i used that as well on my first grow as well and i'm about to harvest 12 bagseed plants with it . it did an excellent job for me i think but other growers gave me a lot of crap for it, i think it does a fine job. as a comparison though i am using a generic non nute soil with perlite to see if there is any difference in the quality of my grows
  5. I just got some the other day to start as well. Wich is better CityofgoD?
  6. i've had some good weed grown in MG 3 month soil (not so good yield though), but the senior members here will flame the shit out of you for using it. i've recently switched over to my own organic mix and all foxfarm nutes and let me say one thing. HOLY SHIT. growth is so much faster, plants look so much healthier. so you'll probly be fine using MG, but your next grow go organic. you'll notice the difference.
  7. Im using that Miracle grow organic choice too ive had no problems, check out my grow i think it speaks for itself
  8. WOW man those look healthy im gonna start my first grow in some days im just waiting to my hps light to come home already but im kinda confused with the nutes i dont get it!!!!!

    so its ok if i get the miracle grow organic soil?
    and what nutrients should i use or just plain water ?
  9. Shame on you all!;) lol Miracle Grow is horrible for cannabis plants! The organic is a 'slow release' forumla, which means even if you flush, there will still be nutes. Nutes are not meant for human consumption, and I can't even count the times I've experienced that nasty, lick the bottom of a soil pot, lip tingling taste. I guess if you are growing for yourself, and don't really care what it tastes like, its not a big deal. With so many nutrients out there made just for cannabis plants' genetics, why would you use poisonous Miracle Grow??

    Here's what my babies look like:


    Harvest day- 19 Inches of Top Bliss:D

  10. schwateva. i use it. it works.
  11. I just think all my time and effort should be better than 'fine'. Considering the huge bushy trees I get out of using good nutrients, I'd never, ever use MG....
  12. Talk about a thread from the dead. And good point Cannabis Kate, why settle for fine?
  13. If you guys AT ALL care about the quality of your smoke you will switch over on your next transplant. Just because the MG organic mix works doesn't mean it's the best. I highly suggest if you are using soil to go with another companies organic nutes that you have researched on GC and people say works. And if it works there will be no negative comments about it. My soil mix is as follows and was taken from another post of mine...

    "I highly advise you to stay away from the Miracle Grow potting soils, they can deff be rough on plants. Ive had terrible experience with it when I first started.

    Next germinate seeds and get dirt that has no nutes or peat or anything in it. Then mix 25/75 perlite/dirt and place your newly germinated seeds into small containers. I'm talking 2"x2" peat pot. Hyponex is a descent soil that you can sometime get at Walmart when it's in season or if they have any let over at this time. Your best bet is going to a local gardening center to pick up these supplies. It's not odd to come in the middle of winter to get 8 bags of frozen top soil from out back. Our gardening center says its a more popular item than you'd expect in the winter.

    Next once your seedlings are showing signs of good growth and are well rooted in the 2x2 peep pot its time to transplant into a new soil mixture. This is about 7-10 days. What you will need is "Espoma Flower Tone" organic nutrients, Lime, Vermiculite. Mix 40/60 50/50 perlite/soil. For every 5gal of mixture add 1 cup of Lime, 4 cups of Vermiculite, and 5 cups Organic Nutes. This is a fail safe flowering mixture. For vegging you would just use plant tone instead of flower tone.

    I'd also suggest that you get Brer Rabbit Mollasses from a grocery store and mix 1 teaspoon into 1gal of warm water. The warm water really helps you mix the mollasses in since it is a thick substance. Every 3 waterings use this water mixture and you will have slightly more dense buds.

    It is extremely important for your water to be at a ph level of 6-6.3 for you plant to be able to absorb all nutes. To do this go to your local pet stores and get a ph testing kit and ph down. They amount of drops that you add to just plain tap water and mol water are different. So you will need to figure out how many to add to each."
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    Miracle Gro is terrible! Its not the right choice in so many ways. For one, its pH is too high. Thats pretty important! I used Miracle Gro Organic Choice on my first grow and had constant pH problems. And you don't want the extended realease of nutes because you need to flush your plants for the last 10 days. I grew 3 different strains with it and they all ended up tasting like soil. Since then I've been using fox farm ocean forrest and have had much better results.

    It is also way too dense to use by itself. If you must use it, mix it with Perlite from Lowes. 2 parts soil to 1 part perlite. But seriously, dont use Miracle Gro. JUST GET FOX FARM OCEAN FORREST Mix from your local hydroponics store. It costs more but its totally worth it!
  15. MG sucks if you dont have probs now, you will in the future. I have used that stuff before.

  16. Top soil form outside? If you're growing indoors, you shouldn't use outdoor soil at all. Its got bugs and eggs and fungus and all sorts of shit that will thrive in an indoor growroom environment. Unless you cook it in your oven on high heat for a while, but that'll stink up the house real good
  17. Haven't we seen this thread come up one hundred times I wouldn't plant anything that you value or consume in it.

    what makes it organic?Is it the wood chips the rocks the clay or the horse crap don't belive me pass it through a 1/4 shive (mesh) and see what your left with.

    then put it under a 20-40X microscope and tell me what bugs you find or just wonder why you have real weeds and grass growing in your grow room.

    I'm going to use a word i swore i'd never use Phooey
  18. My first bagseed grow was with MG organic potting with the 3 months of time released nutes...

    ...It'll work...and you'll get smokable bud from it. But it will taste a bit harsh and will not be as potent as it could be. From my first grow, on a scale of 1-10, my potency was about a 3...it could only get you so far no matter how much you smoked. This could have been the plant genetics...but the MG, I believe, played a part of it.

    FoxFarms only cost a little extra. Go with it. You'll notice immediately that your plants like it better.
  19. i need a bigger pot soon and i think ill go with miracle gro organic choice potting mix. i have ffof right now but not enough and i moved and there aren't any grow places around..

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