Miracle Gro does it work?

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  1. With these ingredients does it work or is there something included that is harmful? Miracle Gro Ingredients | Garden Guides

    Miracle-Gro contains 24 percent nitrogen. Nitrogen gives plants energy[​IMG] to grow and produce foliage. Too little can lead to stunted growth and pale green or yellow leaves.


    The available phosphate is 8 percent. Phosphate is a phosphorous compound that helps plants resist stress, grow quickly, increase blooms and build strong roots. Too little phosphate will lead to red or purple leaves and decreased growth.

    The soluble potash is 16 percent. Potash (potassium) helps with disease immunity, photosynthesis and increased fruit production. Too little can reduce plants' vigor, leaving them susceptible to disease and poor output.

    Actual boron content is 0.02 percent. Boron is vital for producing sugar and carbohydrates in the plant, as well as seed and fruit development. Too little boron will cause small leaves and heart rot.

    Actual copper content is 0.07 percent. Copper helps plants reproduce, build strong cell walls and reduce radicals. A deficiency will lead to stunted growth, bluish-green veins and poor tissue development.

    The actual chelated iron is 0.15 percent. Iron helps in the formation of chlorophyll. If your plants have yellow leaves with green veins, they aren't receiving enough iron.

    The chelated actual manganese is 0.05 percent. Manganese helps plants breakdown carbohydrates and nitrogen. Too little manganese will lead to stunted growth and mottled yellow and white leaves.

    Actual molybdenum content is 0.0005 percent. Molybdenum helps in the breakdown of nitrogen.

    Actual zinc content is 0.06 percent. Zinc helps plants regulate their growth and sugar consumption. Too little zinc will lead to small, yellow leaves and low yields.

    The minimum amount of EDTA, a chelating agent, is 1.2 percent. Chelates are a chemical compound that play a vital role in oxygen transport and photosynthesis.

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    Does it work? Sort of. But it's not organic by any means. And it's not the best option for any type of MJ grow. It says the word chemical right in the post. Obviously not organic...

    Try Masters Nursery, Coast of Maine, Fox Farms, Roots Organic, or any other organic soil. Avoid anything with time released nutes that says it feeds 3 months, or 6 months etc. Those are always crappy chemical based soils that give you harsh bad tasting weed.
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    Don't you want nitrogen in the soil? I just want one bag..what would you recommend? Can you link it?
  4. Monsanto....
  5. I can't find anything on Monsanto soil...?
  6. I'm using miracle grow with a couple bagseeds and I can tell you from experience it will fry the fuck out your babies. Bad idea, your better off using some cheap organic soil from home depot or Wal-Mart
  7. Google Monsanto & Miracle Grow and read...there is a reason for limited/no-use organically.But it is ultimately your choice...yes it works and makes green plants.
  8. The site Monsanto pops up, but there is no soil products on the site...
  9. Happy frog is a great organic soil bout 16-20 bucks a bag for 2cubic feet
  10. What about happy frog fertilizer too? Thanks,
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    Yes MG works.If your lazy just use it,and get a bloom fert for flower.I dont recommend it,but I am answering your question.

    Disreguard the monsantos thing..

    If you want to go organic go to the organic section,and read a lot.And make your own soil.It's the easiest,and cheapest way really if you put a little time,money in at the start.http://forum.grasscity.com/organic-growing/

    Heres a good read:http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-m...door-gardening-without-bottled-nutrients.html

    Or depending where you live,buy some pro mix/sunshine mix,and pick up the Earth Juice line.It's more expensive,more time consuming though.Dealing with PH ect.

    EJ is prolly the cheapest bottled organic nutes,and they work great.Best value by far IMO.
  12. I said the same thing about Miracle grow working...Monsanto was is the company that helps supply the chemicals for Miracle Grow.
  13. I think I am going to get this happy frog.
  14. good choice!!
  15. Is there anything I should add to this happy frog?
  16. All 8 of my plants are growing in MG I regret it now though because the edges of the leaves are yellowing I hope the buds taste okay? :/ I'll be so bummed if I waiting this long and checked em 5 fives aday for no dank ahhh I don't even wanna think like that... :( I pry only have 2 weeks of flower left...there's pic in my sig if anyone wants to check em out there all white widow.... Goin all coco next run I'm bout to start though I'm jAcked!
  17. Nice WW man!
  18. I just cloned my WW and I am also jacked to have it as my next crop!...I use FFOF soil,never used coco,but I see alot of people do.
  19. Thanks! Im prying that they turn out dank for my own sanity lol!
  20. I haven't tried to clone yet since these ww are autos but my next batch of seeds I'm just got I Gunna try and clone everyone of them since there all different kinds :)

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