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miracle gro all purpose plant food- how much?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by temperamental69, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. I've got two plants sitting inside 8-10'' pots each (cannot remember currently which size exactly) and I'm using miracle gro all-purpose nutrients with an organic soil, mixed with perlite.

    I just transferred the plants 2 days ago, yet to see a change. Heres my questions:

    The plants are about 1.5 weeks old now from wheN I got them (they are clones) and stand approximately 4.5-5 inches out of the soil now.

    1. How long should I wait until I feed them nutes?

    2. How much water should I be giving them approximately and what is the mL mixture approx of what I should be using for the nutrients int he water mixture?

    I cannot return the miracle gro nutes also :(
  2. While I don't know the composition of your potting mix...other than it is organic rooted clones are fully developed plants that are as mature as the parent plant.
    I'd follow the directions on the MG box for feeding. Mix up a gallon and use it every third time you water... depending on how often you have to water.

    A 4" plant in a 10" pot shouldn't need water more than a couple of times per week...again depending on the water retention capability of your medium. so basically once per week of fertilizer should be plenty.

    My plants are about 3-4' tall and they're in 10" pots and #3 nursery containers so they need watering every day. I feed them on Wed. and Sun. and that seems plenty.

    When you do water gradually add water to the pots until it runs out of the bottom. Then leave it alone until the soil dries before watering again.
  3. Yeah I am beginning to act in desparation I think. My plants haven't grown barely more than 1 inch if that even in 8 days. I got them as clones and they weren't fed and the soil they were in wasn't organic/that great either, so I'm hoping that this repotting/feeding them of small amount of nutes will help em.

    I must mixed up some nute mix @ half the strength it was recommended to give em, and they needed watering so I just put it all through the soil. I hope this helps.
  4. It should all be good. What type of lighting are you using? A little tlc and decent light is pretty much all that plants need to thrive.
  5. At this current time I'm running 8 CFL lights @ 15w each, and they are placed approximately 5'' above the plant.
  6. Move them to about 3" above the plants. CFL's have to be very close to get any decent amount of lumens on the plants.
  7. I agree in principle that having the lights close to the plant is best but I'm not having any problems growing big healthy plants with my lights approximately 30" (that's thirty inches) from the top of the soil.

    I think more important is the reflectivity and area of the space you're trying to light up. I have an enclosed space with aluminum face that is only 10.4 cubic feet (3.125 square foot base) The lights are fixed about 6" from the bottom (TOP) of a rubbermaid tote. This is inverted on top of another tote. It works GREAT for me...I just have a spider mite problem :hide:
  8. Ouch. I hate the dreaded spider mite. If worse comes to worst you can dunk your plants in a solution of insecticidal soap. Literally dunk them. Hopefully it won't come to that.
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    Yea I got em in a relatively nice sized tote with all reflective mylar around it. I hope something starts to grow, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    And I'm already in the veg stage, they were given to me in the veg stage. :(

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