Miracle bloom booster causes bud not to smell?!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dude1, May 25, 2010.

  1. my room smells when u walk in, but then it goes away. im harvesting my cola tomorrow and my popcorn buds in 2 days and my room doesnt stink at all. is it possible that the MG bloom booster may cause it not to smell because it sucks?

    and what legit nutes do u people prefer? i went to the hydro store tody and everything was sooo expensve! nutes for like 40-200 bucks
  2. I would like to know the anwser too, I just baught some yesterday, I wont be using it for another month, but im thinking if it reduces smell it might be good for my current residental situation, but it sounds like it may have some negative effects as well, I was told to use that stuff but double the dosage
  3. is that the african violet plant food?

    im using that nutrient and its 7-7-7, do its not recommended for MJ

    i am on day 24 of flowering, and the plant doesnt smell at all... maybe its too soon or maybe that think u say...

    try to get hi Nitrogen for veg.

    and high Phosphorus or or potasium i dont remember for flow.

    i recommend u Organic nutrients like guano, humus, etc...

    maybe someone more experienced can help me better

    peace and soorry for my english man :wave::wave:
  4. my plants about to finish flowering. alrady harvesting some. it does not smell!! im kinda pissed . i smell the box it is drying in and it smells like fresh grass, or like christmas tree. well not realy christmas tree. i think pine needles

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