Minus the Bear

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  1. Love 'em anyone else???
  2. they got some good songs
  3. Look at my sig. One of my all-time favorite songs.
  4. Saw em in a club on greenville in dallas few years back...
    i like em, good show
  5. Pachuca Sunrise is one of my fav songs of all time.
  6. Never heard of them, what kind of music do they play?
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    They play Experimental Indie rock music. I would highly recommend listening to them when you're stoned. Also, they're touring the U.S. again this Fall. Go support them. I'm gonna go blasted for sure to the Houston show!

    minus the bear- the game needed me
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    Oct 8 -- Spokane, WA -- Service Station
    Oct 9 -- Missoula, MT -- The Other Side
    Oct 11 -- Denver, CO -- Gothic Theatre
    Oct 12 -- Omaha, NE -- Slowdown
    Oct 13 -- Iowa City, IA -- The Picador
    Oct 15 -- Minneapolis, MN -- Varsity Theatre
    Oct 16 -- Milwaukee, WI -- Turner Hall
    Oct 17 -- Chicago, IL -- Vic Theatre
    Oct 18 -- Columbus, OH -- Newport Music Hall
    Oct 19 -- Detroit, MI -- Majestic Theatre
    Oct 20 -- Cleveland, OH -- Grog Shop
    Oct 21 -- Boston, MA -- Wilbur Theatre
    Oct 22 -- Washington, DC -- 930 Club
    Oct 23 -- Philadelphia, PA -- Theatre of Living Arts
    Oct 24 -- Providence, RI -- Lupo's at the Strand
    Oct 25 -- New York, NY -- Webster Hall
    Oct 26 -- Sayreville, NJ -- Starland Ballroom
    Oct 28 -- Richmond, VA -- The National
    Oct 29 -- Raleigh, NC -- Lincoln Theatre
    Oct 30 -- Asheville, NC -- The Orange Peel
    Oct 31 -- Knoxville, TN -- Bijou Theatre
    Nov 1 -- Atlanta, GA -- Variety Playhouse
    Nov 3 -- Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- Revolution
    Nov 4 -- Orlando, FL -- House of Blues
    Nov 5 -- Jacksonville, FL -- Free Bird Cafe
    Nov 7 -- New Orleans, LA -- House of Blues
    Nov 8 -- Houston, TX -- House of Blues
    Nov 9 -- Austin, TX -- Fun Fun Fun Fest
    Nov 10 -- Dallas, TX -- House of Blues
    Nov 13 -- Tempe, AZ -- Marquee Theatre
    Nov 14 -- San Diego, CA -- Soma
    Nov 15 -- Pomona, CA -- Glass House
    Nov 16 -- Los Angeles, CA -- Henry Fonda Theatre
    Nov 18 -- Sacramento, CA -- Empire
    Nov 19 -- San Francisco, CA -- Bimbo's 365 Club
  8. Nice. They're coming to the Grog Shop Oct. 20th!

    I'll have to check that show out.

    Hooray is my favorite song by them. Knights is the jam too.
  9. BUMP!!

    I was about to make a minus the bear thread until I saw this one!

    been rocking out to them all day and wanted to show my respect somehow.
    if you don't know them, check them out!

    the coolest shit is that I've seen them jam out for 10+ minutes jamming out. The impressive part is that they can jam in the same same style their songs are written which means their jam's are technical and i think its so awesome.
  10. They are the shit.

    Saw them in concert with Thursday.
  11. Yeah I'm goin to see them on Monday. I have really been digging their first CD lately, and I hear that their set list consists of mostly stuff from Planet Of Ice. Go figure. Any one seen them on this tour yet?
  12. I was planning on going to see them on the 30th but I don't think I'm going to be able to now. I saw them at bonnaroo but its not the same as an indoor venue.
  13. my boyfriend just got me into them, great band!
  14. holy shit, minus the bear playing a festival with Tim and Eric Awesome Show?

  15. minus the bear is sick as hell, awesome band, going to see them on the 29th
  16. they are so epic. my band fucking loves them
  17. I just made a separate thread about this, but now I see this, so I'll just post it here too...

    So last night was the Minus The Bear show @ The Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. The place was absolutely packed! Doors were @ 8:00, and I didn’t get there until around 10:00, and there was still a pretty long line outside. There were two opening bands for them, The Ugly Suit and The New Year. We missed the Ugly Suit, but caught most of The New Year. They were pretty good, but a bit boring, just a little laid-back, and not much energy on stage. They left the stage around 10:30, And Minus The Bear hit the stage around 11:00…

    MTB came on and opened with Lotus, the last song from Planet of Ice, that clocks in at about 9 minutes long. I had heard that they were opening up this tour with that song, and I was a bit skeptical at first because it’s a bit slower, but it was actually a great opener. They did a pretty good mix of stuff from all of their albums, but favored Planet of Ice a bit. They also did a pair of new songs. The first, was incredible, they didn’t mention the name of it though. The second new song they performed was Guns & Ammo, the new song from their new acoustic EP. I had heard that one before, but I enjoyed hearing it live for sure. They also did We Are Not A Football Team acoustic which was a pretty nice version. They closed with Absinthe Party which was really awesome.

    Overall, it was a great show. Their energy was great, and they capture their CD sound very, very well. It was my first time seeing them, and they didn’t play my favorite songs like Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!, Hooray, Spritz!! Spritz!!! Etc… And they could have played more Highly Refined songs, but I really can’t complain besides that. The set list, as far as I can remember, was…

    Throwin’ Shapes
    The Game Needed Me
    The Pig War
    Dr. L’Ling
    When We Escape
    Guns & Ammo (Acoustic)
    We Are Not A Football Team (Acoustic)
    Women We Haven’t Met Yet ( I think they did this one)
    Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse

    I bought the new acoustic EP that they just released exclusively on this tour and on itunes. The track list is…

    1. Guns & Ammo
    2. We Are Not A Football Team
    3. Burying Luck
    4. Knights
    5. Pachuca Sunrise
    6. Throwin’ Shapes
    7. Ice Monster

    I haven’t really sat down and listened to it yet, but it was good at a quick skim-through. I also finally got They Make Beer Commercials Like This, and a hoody also. Overall it was a great time. And all I know is that when they did Absinthe, everyone went crazy! And they put on a great show. I would highly recommend going to check them out if they come through your city. Even if you are just an average fan. You will not be disappointed.
  18. yeah man i started listening to minus the bear in like... my junior yr of high school, and i'm a sophomore in college now...
  19. I love this band.

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