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Minty smelly bud? Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BigDaddyBud, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. I got a decent amount from a friend, it smells minty but not a very pleasant mint and it's quite strong. I bought of him before and had some stuff smelled a little minty but not this much. Is this good or bad? Should I smoke it? Light green kinda brown

  2. Won't really know until you light it up. You'll probably won't die.
  3. Oh man, a friend of mine once hid his rolled joints in a minted cigarettes box, they tasted so fucking good.
  4. I've got bud that smelled minty before. Don't take it as a sign of something wrong, but rather another facet of the plant. Every plant has different smells, its cool, enjoy it.
  5. Yeah smoke it but idk why its brown thats not very good lol.

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  6. In my opinion, consuming brownish Marijuana isn't ideal.
    Do as you please.
  7. smoke it and immediately report back.  the community must know :bongin:
  8. When I was loading it up and had a good view it wasn't brown, just dark green. Lighting probably made it look brown to me.
    Smoked a blunt of it earlier, taste wasn't the best. But gave me a good mind high. Glad though, thought I was gonna have to smoke 8gs of shit for awhile. 

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