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minty smelling weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by whatyoulookinat, May 29, 2009.

  1. i bought some bud the other day from my usual hook up but he say he got some new stuf so i just bought two grams to try it out.he said they were beasters but when i picked it up it smelled really minty is this normal for a certain kind of weed. it had red hairs and a lot of crystals. it was really good but i dont kno what its called and he didnt have a name for it.
  2. so you have already came to the conclusion that it is real weed and gets u high? all u want is the strain?
  3. yea its real... i just didnt kno if it was normal for it to smell minty
  4. prolly stuck somethin in there to make it smell
  5. Hmmm, common issue, You know it may have very well been involved in some type of minty doing ha.
    Sorry :smoke:
  6. Cannabis can take on many flavors and smells, including minty. It's all a matter of genetics and how it was grown.
  7. I have similar weed. I really noticed the smell today after a few hours of putting it in an empty pill bottle. When I opened it to get some bud to blaze, it really hit me. I'm not complaining though. I don't love the taste, but it gets me quite baked :)
  8. I actually have had something like this or maybe even the same and both times were very fire. Today I copped a half and I was pleasantly surprised that along with a fresh, minty, evergreen, smell it had an incredible amount of trichromes and it was very well cured because the buds were very healthy and the smoke and high was super smooth.

    We should develop a new strain name guys :smoke:

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