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minty smell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Neon Opal, May 12, 2011.

  1. hi- just have some questions about smells and strains....around here we usually don't have a choice the dude has what he has and usually they don't know much about it (or maybe I just never asked) ..but I'd like to start learning so if I want to save things for certain situations or start asking in case there is a choice...

    I sometimes get some that has a minty sort of smell and I really like it.:smoke::hello:
    what kind of strain is that likely to be and it's properties/what is good for medically/type of high

    and I did read a couple threads about the piney smelling ones but now can't find them or remember so same questions about those.

    any other ones have distinctive smells easily recognizable? thanks. Peace:wave:
  2. this probably isnt any help at all, but ive bought lemon kush on two occaisons. one of my favorite strains by the way. the first time i bought it, it had a VERY strong minty smell, but there was a rillo wrapping in the bag and im assuming that it was mint flavored or something because the second time i bought lemon kush it did not have the mint smell. i did some research and found that if it has a minty smell it could be laced with pcp but the chances of that are very very very unlikely unless you bought it from a sketchy dude in the ghetto.
  3. thanks- hopefully someone else will have some thoughts. Not worried that it was laced- I got really nice highs from it...but trying to beable to learn something for the future but like I said around where I live the isn't always much choice (kind of like this is what I got you want it or not) but if I can maybe figure out what it was I can ask friends if there is any _____ around or ask people to let me know when there is. One dude I got it from left the state so I can't even just go back to him.
  4. Hawaii Maui-Waui smells like mint...or did when I had some! Real pleasant high, sativa but mellow, and not rediculously strong - so nice stuff if you're not a hardcore "I need 2 grams just to get high" stoner...
  5. Make sure that you ALWAYS look at your weed before you buy it. I bought like 2g from this guy as a sample one time and it smelled just like mint. Wound up being catnip once I looked at it. Kicked the guys ass and got my money back :)

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