Mint smelling California-Orange?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by SkunkPatronus, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Popped the last of about 40 Cali-O, Nirvana beans from some old purchase. California Orange(by anyone's stock) is by far one of my all time favorites to grow, use and smoke, so I have grown out many looking for Ms Perfect...and I got this runty minty smelling one. Smells like spearmint, with a tich of like lime in the background. Things still small, in veg, don't know sex...interesting plant tho for stem smell and leaf smell when tested by my nose(and have I got a nose).

    I know that there are many variables for scent, I have been blessed with some interesting ones over the years, Soma's Recliening Buddha produced an Almond tasting bud for me, out of the cherry family. Apollo 11 almost always comes out tasting like swedish fish candy, that lovely raspberry taste that coats the throat. Had 'water' from a Mandala Satori, something else I love and have grown lots of, it's usually nutty in a chestnut kind of way, herbal and nutty, this one tasted like sucking on ice as a kid, spring water mineral taste, pleasant. My old Mist of Destruction Mom was peanut butter tasting. Lots of 'pine' years ago, still miss that SnowCap. Lots of odd ones off of the Blueberry lines...grape, lemon, vanilla, apple.

    Has anyone ever had a mint in the orange range of plants tho???
  2. you grow cali-o? just got some seeds germinated and rounded leaves/first set of rigged leaves are out. Using the technaflora nutrient kit. Got any advice for growing that strain? Im nervous about messin it up cause i've never tried growin medi-grade before
  3. Most get tall, thick stems with multiple longitudinal furrows. They majority are hollow stemmed. Fast growing, fast flowering. Easily pruned in the very sativa pheno, the stretch-indica pheno is more difficult of a prune because of the plants use of it's bud leaves but still not horrible. A range of smells, best grown totally and completely organically in good soil. Will grow any style though, but for taste organic rules. Some phenomenal tastes in there, that thick inhale of tasty flumes...awesome.

    The high is fast hitting, the kind where you take one hit, and feel it, then take more :hello: High level of buzz, some are cloudy and some are clear(i love the clear ones), makes you feel free and light and wanting to move. It's like daytime enjoyment weed. I love it.
  4. Cali orange was one of my first grows and remains a favorite strain. The phenos I got were mostly indica. I crossed that a long time ago with a N.L. #5 male and called it Agent Orange. I do think subcool must have remembered me talking about it on overgrow and claimed the name.

    Anyhow, the thing I loved about it was the citrus scent. To me, it smells like grapefruit with just a smoky hint.

    I do distinctly remember A few of the lanky ones having a mint/piney aroma when the stem was rubbed, That for me is very typical of most cannabis. Thats one of the many things that i live about breeding though, When you find that ONE that smells so unique. When you find something like that all of the other attributes tend to take a back seat to accomplish bringing out that trait in the next generation.
  5. He stole your name??? woot woot! That's hilarious.
  6. No way to tell skunk. Him and I were all over overgrow around the time I was working on that cross. I sent alot out for people to beta test. It kinda bothers me but you know what, He got on the ball and made it happen. Im very nervous about taking it public so I respect him for taking that risk. If i can find a way to get my beans to folks it would be the next step in my journey but until I can find a safe way my freedom is more important.
  7. Oh about the mint pheno...

    It was the lighter green pheno with more sativa leaves than the usual fat indica.

    The indica pheno always reminded me of roasted grapefruit. The one sativa i ran across did in fact have the mint/pine aroma to it.

    Keep it frosty-
  8. I can't rep you without 'spreading it around' some more...I'll test your seeds for you :) That whole thing would bother the shit out of me, you must have a duck personality, water rolls right off and all that.
  9. I got a few started:) looking forward to some quality tasting herb would really love to find a special mother to cross with.:smoking:

  10. My girl is 4 weeks into flowering and main stalk is smelling very minty. seeds were bought from a shop in amsterdam. Leaves are very fat and plump like a typical indica
  11. What's the strain? What shop if they remember...

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