Mint Iso?

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  1. Hey, first off, feel free to move this thread if it's in the wrong place. I just figured since there's a cleaning sticky here and it deals with cleaning pieces that it might fit....

    anyway... I was at the store picking up some rohto drops and iso, and noticed that there are different flavors of iso (presumably for use as mouthwash?) regardless, it's pretty well established that iso/salt is one of the best ways to clean glass.... but has anyone tried using one of these flavored iso's? does it leave glass sticky? does it get rid of the infamous bong water smell? :confused:
    if no one else has tried it i'm more than willing to pick some up next time i'm in there but i figured i'd ask here first (after searching of course :p )
  2. ya i tried using mint iso it only comes in 70% so i only had to use it once before i realized 91% is way better for cleaning. mint is alright but it owuld be better if it were a higher percentage of iso
  3. So people use ISO for mouthwash? Hey im not making fun of u. I saw it and i told a buddy and said it was "flavored" and he was like u mean "scented"?
  4. haha maybe you're right. i didn't pick it up or anything and read it, just noticed a "mint iso"
  5. i think its just for scent. to take the umph out of what should be an antiseptic . not bong cleaner :smoking:
  6. And I think resin + mint would not be something that smells nice. :p
  7. If you boil off some of the water then it's a high concentration. Put some heat under it (100*C) and the water will start boiling off.

    And I think it's mint scented not flavored. Iso Alcohol is toxic on a pretty small level I believe (though I saw a report on hospitals locking it up due to patients drinking it to get drunk.....).
  8. FYI, ISO will boil off before the water, resulting in a lower concentration.
  9. Listerene and salt works good for me. I like it.

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