minor threat ripoff sketch

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  1. here's a little sketch i did a while back... it's a ripoff from the band minor threat, weed style :D




  2. haha, I love minor threat, and badbrains too. On a semirelated note, have you ever encountered/taken a look at Kurt Cobain's "Journals"? Published in about 2002, just writings he did while on the road over the years, along with some sketches. Some of the sketches are really funny. Your sketch just made me think of that. I would--to the semi violation of copyright--scan the humorous pictorial excerpts of said book and post it but my scanner's broke... oh well, maybe i'll take some pictures and post it, thereby avoiding the scanners. It's funny, really!
  3. my friend who i used to live with use to tell me to check that out like every day haha!
    i'm into nirvana and the grunge scene, but never got around to reading them... i'd be stoked if you hooked those pictures up! my username on here a few years ago was bad.brains... forgot the pass :(
  4. yeah there's quite a lot of content, so give me a little time to go through it first. I don't have it bookmarked or anything (yet), lol.
  5. for sure dude, thanks!
  6. as promised:

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  7. choir boys

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  8. I have the journals... the sketches are interesting. . .

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