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Minor surgery - HELP PLZ

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Fakir, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. So i was in the hospital about 3 days ago, i got out, i had some infection in my arm, and yo know the upside of my arm, near the crook of the elbow they did the surgery and now i got a gaping hole the size of about this


    i asked the surgeon if they were gonna stich it, and he said no, just let it heal by itself, and clean it once a day

    the problem is that it doesnt look like something thats gonna heal, and because of it i cant extend my arm fully without ripping it open anyways

    anyone had experience with shit like this? it was due a staph infection, but my concern is how long im gonna have to walk around with a hole in my arm, seriously there is literally a black hole i can see in the wound because it goes deep.

    when i clean it every day or every other, it still looks the same, and i figured for something to heal it would need to make some scab, but nothing, just some pus and blood

    id ask my surgeon if i didnt already

    hope somebody knows something
  2. Man from what i've heard, staph ain't no joke. From a quick google search, the first page i pulled up says you should be on antibiotics. I would go to another doctor and get a second opinion
  3. dont worry man, i am on antibiotics, 4 per day!
  4. I think you'll be fine they probably don't want to stitch it and open up more wounds that infection could grow in.
  5. My wife had this, if it does t heal on it own you will have to pack it with 1/4 medicated gauze. Your Dr. will will tell you to if you need it. The problem is the outside of the skin may try to heal before the inside, which you don't want. Just watch it and keep it CLEAN! If it starts to heal on the outside before the inside then you have a problem. No worries though, packing it it pretty easy, just hurts like hell.

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