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  1. i think (or rather want) to see small short videos showing the pieces from different views or even milkshots
    also have a forum in toking tools like a sub forum for the store feedback/questions
    thanks for reading:smoking:
  2. This is actually an interesting suggestion. We will investigate this further
  3. Thank you for consideration of my idea
    I really wanna see more ofthe black mini bong giftset
    What is the purpose of the tube?
  4. Can you link me to the exact item
  5. I also think this would be a great idea
  6. Bump anyone know?
  7. This is a creative suggestion, OP!

    The one main problem I could see arising from this would be the inability to sell something from the shop after it has been used for a milk shot video, particularly with some of the more expensive pieces. I doubt we could feasibly expect the Shop to sacrifice one of every pipe in order to be used in a video, as that would get ridiculously expensive very quickly.

    The only way I could see this working is giving former buyers the ability to upload pictures and/or video of things that they have bought from the Shop in order for them to be displayed on the item's page - sort of like how Amazon does 'Customer Images' on their site.

    Either way, cool idea.

  8. Maybe not the milkshot unless one of the buyers sent it in but just a video showing off the piece would be very nice but thanks for that point i didn't even think about it
  9. Sounds like the best way to do it. Sounds like a pretty cool feature too
  10. Bump any news gnik?
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    This will not happen so quick. Even it is not discussed yet. I wouldn't expect this before new year honestly.

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