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  1. :eek:GREETING
    Hello all. i have returned from the deps of netherland!!! lol i never was to big here i suppose. as soon as i got my prepetual harvest under way my cpu crashed. after many a harvest i am back but as of now i have a 15 month baby boy so my setup is at a buddys house...

    SO we are growing a Skunk Kush strain i got from a good pal.... and the flower room is looking marvelous!!! got some donkeys goin down blah blah save it for the grow thread.
    We are usinf Fox farm everything. soil and nutes. veg room has 2 250 MH a 4ft floro and a 1 footer for the clones both with cool whites. UNFORTUNATLY since this isnt my operation 100% my buddy is to lazy to get 5 gallon jugs filled with good water every week so we are stuck using tap water that has been set out at least 24 hours in many a milk jug. another set back is my PH tester was lost in the move and my buddy some how broke the PPM tester.:(
    well we lost a lot of plants do to the electricty getting shut off and no AC = alot of crispy plants:eek:. that was a few back so we currently have 8-9 in bud and 4 almost ready to bud in veg and 6 at the 2 week mark and 9 clones.

    WELL after we took some clones and trasnplated the 3 of the 4 older ones in veg..... they started turning all bright green instead of the lush dark green.. now leaves are dien off and i cant determine the problem. at first i was leaning towards over watering. but i just cant except that cus the they all get watered in the same manner. we dip a finger in the soil if we fill moisture its not ready. then we water little bits at a time until it comes out the bottom.

    (can easily get more just say the word)

    i think you can tell which of the four gets the most love? i dont care about the other 3 cus they are some other strain we decided to whack off so i said he was in charge of manicuring them. we agreed id tend to the SK and do a lil here and there to make sure the others arent worthless.



    - IF you made it through all of my babble thank you so much!! im sure a lot of people will take a glance at this and get a head ache.
    THANK YOU so much for any input. since we cant properly test the soil, and my buddy and I are WAYYYYY to buisy to tend to this garden like it should be we are really in a bind.


  2. nothing? WOW. i just KNOW some one should be able to take one look at my leaves and diagnose this. im a little out of the loop so my memory is drawing a blank. to much possibilities and i dont want to go about the wrong way to help cure them.
  3. well ive determined it is probably a lack of N. i ran out of grow big and have been to lazy.buisy to get some more.... hopefully thatll do the trick. thanks for all the help guys


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