Minor accident on the road

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  1. I need to be more chill behind the wheel.

    I was driving to work this morning, and on a two way road (one going, one coming) a car from behind over took me with very liitle space, and cut me off.

    I got pissed, and tailgated him for 5 minutes, and crowded his ass and his side, until... a car from opposite direction clipped my rear view mirror.


    I shouldn't have been so pissed at the guy, I should be more like, whatever dude, if you're in a hurry, go ahead, be my guest.

    But I was like, what the fuck? You cut me off like that? No fucking way dude!!!

    Luckily my rear view mirror didn't fall off, but it's a bit cracked... barely noticable, but still damaged.

    From now on, I will be more chilled on the road.

    The end.
  2. I've done stuff like this before, and in the end you never get back at the asshole who deserves it but somedays I don't care and other days I just get so pissed idk why, I have road rage issues I think, like one time so punk ass kid in a 350z was ridin my ass in same kinda road and he kept weavin across the line like he was gonna pass me and I chucked a flashlight out the window
  3. Laughed hard at that part... did it hit the kid?
  4. Nah but I did get him pretty good later cuz he lives in my neighborhood and one time he was behind me being a dick so I was goin real slow and weaving so he couldn't get around so he tried to go down some other road and beat me but I know where he lives so I went the regular and I waited at the stop sign by his house until I saw him come flying down the road tryin to beat me then I pulled out in front of him and he had to swerve around me and he hit this speed bump doin like 50 and bottomed out hardcore
  5. Hahaha... I can almost see that... the kid hitting the speed bump at high speed... similar thing happened to me once...

    Luckily I wasn't the one bottoming out, the other guy was... Local knowledge really helps in this kind of situation.

    I got hit by a flying object thrown by a car in front once.

    A water bottle.

    Luckily it wasn't glass or anything hard, just soft plastic... but it was a big surprise.
  6. I think road rage is like hereditary though cuz I distinctly remember going somewhere with my grandma when I was like 4 and she was shooting a fucking gun out the window at some guy

  7. Haha I bet, one time we were comin back from camping and some bitch was riding us all the way down some little country road and when we got to the freeway she was comin up the other lane to pass us and my friend threw a handful of preps out the window and nailed her windshield and I saw it in the mirror and it made this big ass cloud and I laughed so hard
  8. The fuck?
  9. We watch and we learn...

    Sadly we learn the bad stuff, and not the good stuff...
  10. Apparently my phone doesn't know what oreos are and decided to call them preps
  11. I am ashamed of getting into a road rage with my kids in the car.

    I was trying to be as cool as possible, but the other guy wanted to draw blood.

    Luckily there was no blood, but it wasn't a pleasant experience.

    My kids were asking me about what happened, weeks after the incident.

    Even these days, they still sometimes talk about the 'Crazy bald man', when we're on the road.


    I better watch out for these incidents...

  12. She lives in a small town in northern Mississippi
  13. Isn't worth the dangers of wrecking your car. Accept that some people suck. Laugh at them. Report them to the police for wreckless driving. Swear as loud as you can with the windows rolled up. But don't stoop to their level of driving, because you put safe drivers at a risk. Just chill, and enjoy the ride :bongin:
  14. I think we need an official road rage stories thread
  15. I hate it when people try to pass me. So what do I do? I don't let them. Stupid... I know.

  16. Haha... wreckless.. except some of their cars end up wrecked
  17. Lol why do you guys get mad at people passing you?

  18. I don't care so much about people passing me, I just hate how some people do it ,I know I drive a slow ass car and I know some people are in a hurry but most of the time they are nit in a hurry and they are just dicks and they think they own the road cuz they have a Mercedes or some big ass truck and they think they can do whatever the fuck they want and it makes me want to kill them.
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    Sounds to me like you're profiling people by the vehicles that they drive. It doesn't affect you at all if they pass you, who gives a shit stop being a prissy little bitch and mind your own business.

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  20. You are one of those people

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