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  1. im from minnesota and i think that we have a really hip scene up here. anyone from around? where do you all hail from? hangouts?
  2. wait what?
  3. Saint Cloud born and raised. Lived in the citied for a few months.

    stc is rly starting to turn into a large city now and im seeing alot of quality drugs ESPECIALLY thizzles lately altho the cities is only an hour away!

    kind of a shitty post to start a thread with haha where are you from?
  4. from up near brainerd, lived here since i was about 2 1/2. cant wait til im gone again, minnesota sucks. the bud is super expensive for very low quality, the people are not chill at all, the winters are bs just cold and no snow. only good things are all the lakes, and the rhymesayers
  5. ive lived everywhere in minnesota pretty much and can find good bud all the time!
  6. really good bud sometimes makes it here but everything that ive come across has been pretty dried out. mainly just low/mid mids. everything is about 50/60 and 8. living in montana, always had kine bud thatd make all the minnesotans i know cream their jeans. and usually pick up for about 150 to 280 an o, just a couple days from the coast.

    and anything that does seem to make it here has been vac packed, could be its just been really dry around here. but even most of the bigger dealers havent had anything like what i would get out west
  7. i lived up in moorhead for a while and had a grower friend, so i'd get good hydroponics all the time. Skunk #1, afghans, blueberries. that was sweet.
  8. I live kinda by marshall...MN kinda sucks, but I have some good contacts for bud. Can almost always find hydro for 25/half-eighth.
  9. ^Agreed. Dispite all the other things our shitty state has to offer at least theres always good bud flowin around!
  10. the people here are nice! i know a lot of really cool people. there are a lot of bitches too.
    i used to be able to get acid a lot, jellies, in st. cloud. guy got arrested though. so sad
  11. just moved up to St. Cloud and I'm looking for some people to hang out with and a good connection.
  12. Technically I'm from North Dakota but a few miles and I'd join the Minnesota club.
  13. I'm like an hour east of St. Cloud in Alexandria. I've always had a constant supply of dank, but anything else is pretty hard to come by. Oh well, at least there's a lot of lakes around. Nothing beats chillin on the lake on a hot summer day with good friends and good bud :smoke:
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    for sure! alexandria, i know a guy that used to get all kinds of stuff from up there, mescaline, acid, 2c-b.
  15. I live like 2 minutes from Minnesota lol.
  16. like where fargo?
  17. Hmm, i'm gunna have to start looking harder I guess. I've been dieing to get my hands on some acid
  18. yeah this was like last year i heard about this so it could be all long gone. i think those guys were tweakers anyways. its like the very middle of the state though, crossroads or something
  19. hey if any of ya live near brainerd mn, a bunch of us are gonna have a drum circle in one of the parks here. so if ya play any instrument, any one at all, bring in it and come jam
  20. I just moved to Minneapolis a few months ago =] Scene here is way good.

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