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  1. When would be a good time to start growing up here in MN?
    I was thinkin maybe early april....

    -How can you get more females?
    Or is it just 50/50 chance in genetics?

    -And how much water is actually needed?/How many gallons a week??

    -How can you tell the diff. between males and females??

    *an answer form some1 with knowledge of the northern climate would be good..

  2. A good place to check growing dates is to check the frost charts at Farmer's Almanac. Or you can start two weeks after the last frost. Posted in the Alamanac for MN are these dates:

    City State Growing Season Last Frost First Frost
    Willmar MN 152 May 4 Oct 4
    Duluth MN 122 May 21 Sept. 21

    The only possible way to get more females is to buy feminized seeds... "regular" seeds you ju7st have your basic 50/50 chance, even though everytime I've grown I've had 80-90% females.

    How much water is needed really depends on your situation and your climate. If you grow in buckets for instance you're going to need more water than you would if you planted in the ground, but if you plant in the ground you wont be able to transport your babies if you hear of a cop sweep going through the area. But I'm going to give you some rough estimates of my watering in the bucket teknique from my growing last year... I had 5 gallon buckets and 5 plants. I water each plant with 1-3 gallons every 2 or 3 days... which indeed I had to take different paths to the site everytime to not make a trail. Then when I had them in the ground, I only had to water maybe once a week, sometimes only every two weeks.

    Here is a pic to show you the difference of male and female... pretty self explanitory


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