Minnesota - Plan to Legalize Adult Use

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  1. And the Governor approves and is willing to sign! :yay:

    Minnesota DFL lawmakers unveil plan to legalize adult-use cannabis
    Lawmakers reveal latest effort to legalize cannabis in Minnesota | kare11.com

    After DFL sponsors revealed their plan, Gov. Walz reaffirmed his support, tweeting: "I’m ready to sign it into law."

    ST PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota DFL lawmakers have unveiled their latest effort to legalize recreational adult-use cannabis in the state.

    "Over the last three years, DFLers in the legislature have listened and worked to build a Minnesota-specific model for cannabis legalization," bill co-author Rep. Zack Stephenson said at a press conference Thursday. "Our bill will create a safe, well-regulated, legal marketplace where Minnesotans can grow, sell and buy cannabis if they choose to do so."

    The current language of the proposal (HF 100) would make it legal for anyone over 21 to possess or transport up to two ounces of cannabis flower in public, possess up to five pounds of cannabis flower at home, or eight grams or less of cannabis concentrate, as well as possess or transport cannabinoid products containing up to 800 milligrams of THC. Cannabis-based products would face numerous restrictions to reduce the potential appeal to children.

    Under the proposal, cannabis use would be legal in private homes and licensed public establishments. The plan would establish a licensing program for cultivators, transporters, retailers, wholesalers and other roles. Minnesotans would be allowed to cultivate cannabis plants at home, but could only sell cannabis and cannabinoid products with a license.

    The bill calls for the creation of an Office of Cannabis Management to regulate cannabis sales and access, with oversight of consumer, health and public safety protections. A new Cannabis Advisory Council would also be created, made up of a group of experts appointed by the governor and representatives from multiple state agencies.

    Stephenson said a key element of the bill includes expunging certain cannabis offenses from criminal records, noting those convictions have disproportionately affected people of color.

    "Minnesotans deserve the freedom and respect to make responsible decisions about cannabis themselves," Stephenson said. "Our current laws are doing more harm than good. State and local governments are spending millions enforcing laws that aren't helping anyone. Money that could be put to far better purposes."

    The bill also establishes a plan for taxing cannabis sales. (snipped)

    There is a link to the bill at the end of the article. I really like that it will allow home growing and that the amount allowed at home is more than a mere couple ounces! That there will be expungement of previous charges is also very good! I didn't read the bill to see what the taxes will be, but hopefully they won't be too high.

    Since this looks like it might make it, so you might want to get some seeds. Remember cannabis seeds are "just hemp" :rolleyes: according to the DEA, and hemp is perfectly legal to buy! (FYI- GC has seeds for sale! https://www.grasscity.com/cannabis-seeds :biggrin:)

    DEA Says Marijuana Seeds Are Considered Legal Hemp As Long As They Don’t Exceed THC Limit.
    (news – 2022) DEA Says Marijuana Seeds Are Considered Legal Hemp As Long As They Don’t Exceed THC Limit

    Granny :wave:
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  2. That is great news!!! I'm planning on getting involved in local politics to, hopefully, educate the heathens....Ummmm...fine people south of Michigan of the benefits of medical (I'll work on recreation later) cannabis.
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  3. Excellent!
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  4. Not saying it's all bad, but it leaves much to be desired... 4 mature plants at once? 8g concentrate possession limit? Some parts of it are actually pretty funny;

    "Employees may not interact directly with customers for at
    least three hours after sampling a product." :rolleyes:

    If legalization leads to more regulations, maybe it's not the answer we were looking for. It's just a tasty pastry they shoved into our mouths to keep us quiet.
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  5. @gxxire Most of our cannabis laws start off "leaving much to be desired"! Then they get fiddled with by the politicians after the fact...... and that's where all of you come in! You have to TELL your politicians how the law needs changing.

    This is not " a tasty pastry they shoved into our mouths to keep us quiet", this is a taste of freedom that should get us to speak up even more! :yay:It is up to us to educate our politicians! Our politicians are mostly "cannabis naive", have never even visited a legal dispensary, and don't know a blunt from a bong! :coolalt: So the fact that they put together even a half-way decent law with growing allowed is pretty surprising!

    So now is the time to start telling the politicians WHERE the law needs changing, so that in the near future when the politicians decide the law needs to be changed (usually to get the state more $), they will already have an idea about it! Here's where you start- https://mn.gov/portal/government/state/ (For other states, just run a search on your state's name and government.)

    Granny :wave:
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  6. I spent all of last year dealing with city/ county politics while trying to get my dispensary into the city limits of our little ski town. It was a year full of educating the masses complete with bi weekly city council and county commissioners meetings. I had to quash a petition drive by the extreme right in our area who tried to shut down the entire industry. They tried to slander us, got smacked around for it, and ultimately lost. Hell, they never even turned in their petition once they realized the support I have in my home town.
    Good luck Minnesota, I’d keep an eye on your legislation session, THAT’S where they will screw it all up. ;)
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  7. Couldn't of happened soon enough:metal:
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  8. It's simple in my opinon
    They have House-Senate-Governor democratic trifecta - theyve been pushing weed and blocked by the republicans who had power in at least one branch in the past.

    They dont legalize weed with that full power, which has been ask for since the Tim Paulenty days and beyond... they will lose their voter demographic and power next election. Give us weed, or lose your power Dems.

    I look forward to seeing Jesse Ventura at the signing of the bill.
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