Minnesota: Misdemeanor to Civil Infraction!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by floating_by, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. In researching the medical marijuana bill, I happened to check out what is on the plate of the judiciary committee right now for the Senate. I found S.F. 200 on their agenda, and was intrigued by the bill as it is one of judicial reform. Much to my surprise and pleasure, here are some items that are included under this bill:


    MN already is one of the more progressive states with misdemeanor for small amounts. This appears to establish laws making minor possession a civil infraction like they did recently in MA. Great news, and this is really under the radar. :hello::hello:
  2. Go Minnesota! Although we're already fairly better on first offense charges with marijuana than other states, but yeah man - Thats great news for us! Thanks for dropping that in.
  3. Looks like a good sign

    You should spend some time and write an letter to the State Rep for your district urging him or her to vote in favor of it.
  4. So how does it change the current law? Just a ticket? or EXACTLY does a civil citation entail to opposed to a misdemenor?
  5. Well, in Massachusetts we voted to lower possession of up to one ounce from a misdemeanor to a civil infraction back in November. It means that instead of being arrested and potentially going to court, if you're over 18 you get a $100 ticket and that's it. If you're under 18 you either do a drug-awareness program or pay a $1000 fine.
  6. Good question. I guess employment would be the biggest factor in misdemeanor versus civil infraction. I'm honestly not sure if a misdemeanor shows up if an employer runs a background check. Job applications I think ask if you've had a felony conviction. Do they ask about misdemeanors as well?

    Yeah, so it would go down as like a traffic violation equivalent if this passes. Pay your fine and skip going to the courthouse altogether I would imagine. Take note: this wouldn't take effect until Jan. 2011 if it were to pass, so don't go out and get yourselves in trouble now! ;)

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