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  1. Does anyone have a strain suggestion for outdoor growing in minnesota? It has to flower within four months. The more potent the weed the better.:smoke:
  2. Check out Nirvana Pure Power Plant and Sweet Seeds Green Poison
  3. Biddy early is a very nice plant that finishes early cherrytoken. Igrew the fems last year and nearly all plants were done by the 3rd week of sept with really good potency and a wonderful vanilla taste and smell. This has been the most potent early finisher ive grown. Brendas skunkX northern lights was second. BSkunk: 1/3 of the plants autoflowered and finished late july and the remaining 2/3 finished Sept 10. Nice smoke!
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    hey clodhopper, where did you find those beans? ive only ever ordered from attitude but i couldnt find them on their website. Also what kind of yield did you find with the autoflower? ive only heard bad things...

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