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Minnesota Dabbers?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JuicyJaydon, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. #1 JuicyJaydon, Oct 23, 2014
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    Whats good city,

    Just grabbed a rig and tried it out last night, its pretty nice, wish it hit a lil smoother

    Biggest issue tho is ive never picked up wax, not sure what I should be paying. I usually get Os of dank at 230 (bud) if thats useful for price comparison.

    What do you minnesotans pay per G of wax? How much should i pay?

    Edit: Also is it easy to mail wax using first class mailing?
  2. #2 Elmbick Blues, Oct 23, 2014
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    I'm not from Minnesota, but I'd say prices for oil could be anywhere from $30/g- $80/g depending on the quality, your location, availability, etc. Oh, and knowing or being friends with skilled people who make it themselves (with professional equipment) helps also  :hello:
    Haha, 30-80/g, that's a prreetty big range. What ive heard most of the time is 40-50/g, I'd really like to get it at 20-30g tho
  4. $20-$30g is very wishful thinking, I don't think you'll come across those prices (for good stuff anyway) I guess a more realistic range would be $40-$60/g
  5. What were you Dabbing? Shatter?
  6. Minnie Pearl was walking through an apple orchard. She noticed that there were no apples on the trees.
    Minnie apple less?
    Hahahahahahahahahaha Now that right there is funny I don't care who ya are.
  7. $40-50/gram here in WI and I've paid the same in the Minneapolis area as well.
    I know but a lot of my connects would get it shipped in. I'm actually waiting on a friend right now in cali who might be able to get me 50$ eighths
  9. #9 JuicyJaydon, Oct 24, 2014
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    Oh shit, I actually don't know the difference now that I think about it. I know what shatter looks like, but it wasn't that
    Edit: it was wax
  10. Be careful.....usually if you are dabbing wax or shatter and it is somewhat harsh means the producer didn't purge the concentrates....there is nothing in pure concentrate that will cause harshness except for the solvent that was used.
  11. As long as you dab at the right temps that is. A burnt dab will make you cough up a lung no matter how high quality it is...
    At the right temps it's tasty goodness, and smooth as butter.
  12. So what tips do you have for someone using a glass nail?
  13. Good point. I have never done that but you don't want to be so hot that you combust the dab. I have heard of this and how harsh it can be...
  14. Eventually move to quartz or ti, but only buy ti if it's a legit company, and then it's costly. That's why i recommend quartz to most people. I usually use a Flux nail by HE because it's really your cheapest safe option on the market and keeps your rigs cleaner.
    For my glass nail i let it get red then put the dome on and closely watch until the red goes away, and then wait about 5 more seconds before I dab. But every glass nail is different and holds heat differently. Avoid getting glass too hot. most will say getting it red is way too hot and that it'll break, but my original glass nail is still here and that's how i treated it. It's about 6 months old. I even tried my hand at glassblowing on the other side and use it as a dabber too. When i pickup new oil i use it first to get the best flavor. I love my glass nail.
    For you, Id get it red, let the red go away plus 5 seconds, then dab. If it tastes burnt then wait longer for it to cool, if it dosn't melt all the way while carbing it then wait less. You should have to carb it to get it to vape all the way, if it all vapes off on it's own completely without carbing it you were probably doing it to hot. You pretty much have to carb it when you dab at the right temps. Your nail should look moist after a dab, but not have a puddle. It shouldn't light on fire when you torch it the next time. A tiny flame is ok if it goes out, but a 4 inch flame that lasts is not...
    To carb a dome just put your thumb in the hole of the dome after you put the dab on the nail and keep pulling, youll feel suction on your thumb but let a small amount of air through. You should see insane amounts of vapor puff up suddenly. Let a little air in, then make suction again, then repeat again and again until the nail stops putting off vapor. I can't remember how carbing works really, but it's like how a vac chamber works when purging. The lower pressure makes the oil muffin and let the butane out. When carbing the lower pressure sort of makes the oil expand on the nail and touch more of the nail making it vape off faster. Something like that... I read it on Highly Educated's blog.
  15. Oh shit thats what carbing is?? So it probably wont burn all the way or correctly if u dont carb it?

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