Ministry of Cannabis is a scam!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by americangrower, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Just want to warn everyone about I ordered from them, they charged my credit card, the seeds never came. They offer no proof of shipping at all, no tracking number, nothing. They are now refusing to give even a partial refund. They have been rude in their correspondence with me.

    Go with a company that will guarantee their shipping and/or offer a tracking number so you at least know they really sent your order. There are plenty of companies out there like this... so use one of them instead of Ministry of Cannabis!
  2. Yes never deal with "Ministry of cannabis". I just experienced it.
  3. I've bought few of their strains, but never straight from them.. I use oaseeds or seedcity, they'd never done me wrong..
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  4. you bumped a 7 year old thread to slate a seed company? Cut your loses & move on pal.
  5. Its my 2º shipment with them. The first i receive my weed without any problem, but now with a problem adress i can tell you (and even show one of theire email if some sone is interested) that i'm really suprised of who much this compagny have no etics. So my msg is juste t say that if you make a mistake in your adress you must wait 2-12 months to reship so...
  6. Thanks you
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