Minions of the Dark

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    Not that I mind seein the pics of your plants homeboy, but this is a Sanctuary Gardens appreciation thread. He names most of the crosses that he makes with Dark names and the folks that grow his stuff are called Minions. :)

  2. Dionysus #1 at day 45:
  3. *drool* goodness me.... Thems some purty plants you got growin on there!If dark dion turns out like that... I'll have a mom! Great job irn! :wave:Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. Ironhead - it looks like all that work for the new room is making you an awesome grower. It's good to have the right 'tools' to make it all easier to be successful. Maybe someday I'll convert the little house into my ultimate grow rooms.
  5. ah, i apologise i thought this was just a general growers thread
  6. Very nice! That dion's got some beautiful colors showing. :)Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    I have no doubt that the Dark Dion will have some keepers just like this one.. Dionysus is something special.
    Thanks Lolo! I love my new room.. I have figured out most of the bumps now and the plants are certainly responding. :D
    No worries dude! :smoke:
    Check out this thread for updating.  Samson put together a good one! 

  8. I'm still very envious of your top shelf seeds. And I still have no clue where to get them....somebody said there was a link to possibly get done dark seeds but I checked twice and I'm confident when I say there's no linkI just want to be a minion :(
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    They all do lol I seen somewhere they would be made available 
    Limited amount of packs 
    PK.. perhaps this post would be of importance to you. :
  11. [quote name="Ironhead" post="19375504" timestamp="1390249240"]PK.. perhaps this post would be of importance to you. :[/quote]Thank you for pointing this out. I was looking for a www.something or another lol. I appreciate you taking the time to show me. I've got some reading to do!(Hopefully future minion....I'll back back....)
  12. All the strains look great guys..I dont have any but im here for the show!Sent from my SGH-M919 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. Been looking for the beans but didn't see any mention yet over there.
    Bet they go fast :bolt:
    Still have a few to try yet.
    Got an OverLord on deck and 2 Nocs :metal:  one is lookin' male.
    better drop some more tonite. 
    I need a new room! :eek:
  14. Yo Sea while I got you here,
    Any advice on EC/PPM meters? I'm thinking about getting the cheapo Sunleaves one.
    Yo Haggard.. I'm not Sea.. but I'm not sure that he measures much in the way of ph or ppm either.. :p
    We used these in the shop that I worked in and had good results.. They are a lil more costly, but you get what you pay for with the cheap ones.. 


  16. I've got a Goblin Queen sprout out of the ProMix yesterday and today I've got a Nocturnal sprouting out of the ProMix. I've got 3 more GQ and 1 more Noc to show above the ProMix.
  17. Rock IT!!! Pak :metal: :metal: :metal:
    got a little brew bubblin' for feed time tomorrow night.
    some ewc, comp, and a dash of brer wabbit.
    stay tuned :smoking: 
  18. :cry: NOOO!!!!...i had to pull my goblin girl early...nanners! :mad: ...pulled like 7 or 8 off her then gave her the chop...she was still frosty as hell so im dryin her up...i think it may have had somethin to do with my cold temps during my lights off workin on a remod to take care of that :metal: ...that was nice readin a few new SG posts thanks for that link glad to see the boss again :ey:
    I may have not worded this correctly, I went with GG , GQ, Halo2 and Rav

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