Minions of the Dark

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  1. Looks like it
  2. Hey that Girlie Goblin looks great X! I like your tie down job. :D
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    :smoke: y's gettin a grip on shit these days, s what my setup looks like...lmao

    PreVeggin/clone spot...thanks to Big I :love:
    4x2x5 for now 2 4' t8's, but I'm bout to switch to 6,or 8 cfl's, cause tge temperature is maxing out at 70 sometimes....passive intake, 4" fan for exhaust

    On deck Veggin
    3x4x5 400w Mh, 80 cfm exhaust, and passive intake as well. 6“ fan for circulation

    Bloom Bloom Room
    6x8x8 but I have a wall up so 6x6 is the space I grow in. 1 1000w enhanced Hps, 1 600w enhanced Mh. 18", or it might be 16" idk...osculating fan, passive intake, and 171 cfm exhaust. Stalling on the 600 cfm, but I'm going to get it. I know... None of my areas are 100% air sealed, but they are all light tight. Especially the BBR.

    That's my shits yo, and anyone is welcome on my porch, but its always a panty party!

    :smoke: y
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    4X4x7 - 3x7x7 - 5x10x7 on the way.
    400Mh veg plantmax bulb
    220 t5HO fluro seedling
    600 lumatek plantmax bulb
    600 nanolux iN the works
    X2 200cfm inlines
    X2 Carbon Filters
    X3 Honeywells
    ROLS soil mix currently on 4th run, recipe in my journal.
    Plus IPM and SST2 Weekly.
    EDIT: I had it all neat on my phone o well.
  5. You know should drop me a SST2 on my porch...please
    :smoke: y
  6. Go buy a bottle of Hydrozyme, it's basically the same thing just not as strong and has some added bacteria.
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    i have 3 7x14 7'tall greenhouses a indoor flowering room that's 5x7 and a veg room that's 7x7..plan on a spring crop with 14 plants ready and vegged and a 60 plant summer if all goes well
  8. Ooh Ooh i can play too..
     4 x 8 x 7 tent
     1 400w  hps  1 400w mh 1 600w hps 
    and 2 48" 8 tube  T-5s for my little veggie room
  9. i only got 1 8 bulb t5 1 2bulb ts and a 400watthps i dont like using  electricity so the sun work's ok :smoking:
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    Who wouldda think it...I have a bottle, just been trying to figure out if its lacto...cause I have that in the fridge too...lmao

    :smoke: y
     To cold here for the sun
  12. Here. Count me present please
  13. Grabbed a couple of pics, sorry about the stupid lines. :(Goblin Queen #1 ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389977943.870601.jpg Goblin Queen #2 ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389978016.890560.jpg Goblin Girl and GodBud ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389978146.563003.jpg Misc vegging ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389978205.205950.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389978219.977720.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389978240.042001.jpg
  14. All the flowering pics are 2 weeks from flip.
  15. Hey brotha, a pair of sunglasses in front of the lens of your camera will get rid of those lines. They look good though! :D
  16. Oh ya? I'll have to find a pair... :) thanks!
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    what up minions :metal: i got a goblin girl to show off...and since everybody else is doin it...i got a 6x8x8 bloom space that i framed out myself with a 600w HPS and a 600w MH(both hoodless :smoking: ), 6 inch inline fans for exhaust and intake...and a 4x4x8 veg space with a 250w MH with a 4 inch exhaust
    flowers 002.JPG
    flowers 004.JPG
    flowers 005.JPG
    flowers 008.JPG
    the hairs just started to turn that peach orange color yesterday...i think its like 4 weeks in 12&12
    SG will live on forever :ey:
  18. OK, I'll play too.....I converted a spare bedroom in my basement....approx. 10 x 12' bedroom...took one corner & framed walls into a Veg Room (approx. 6 x 6')  Have 4' fluro lights & 8 CFL's as side spotters....Took the rest of the room (approx. 6 x 8') into a Flowering Room with (1) 600w MH & (1) 600w HPS....Setting it up like that, left me with a work/storage area in the bedroom....I have one week left on the soil in the garage (basic organic recipe + ammendments) & I'm setting up Noob's Ghetto SWICK ( ) for my Smart Pots...All new shit in there & I'm excited to get it going!  :yay: Only have 3 scraggly Mamas in Flowering room left & almost ready for harvest, then I switch the whole thing over to the new setup....Have harvested at least 10 plants with this one, but I want MORE!!  MORE!!!  LOL
    ~Sundance~  I'm NOT an official Minion (running unknown seeds) until I get better at this...I refuse to buy seed until that happens!
    Veg Room (18 babies!)  Veg Room Babies 2 (800x600).jpg
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    I believe it does have some lacto strains in it, so I personally I wouldn't apply both.
    I use the SST2 with every watering now, and some regulars who aren't Organic run Hydrozyme and love it!

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