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  1. I'm planning on starting a micro grow in an old PC case, however the case is really small. I'm on a tight budget for this grow right now and have to make due with what I have that will work. anyways, the case is only 14.5" tall. Is that too small? I figured after the lights are in and the small pot for the plant, I'm only going to be able to grow my girl to about 1 foot high, (of course I'll use LST) which means force flowering at half that tall. Is that too small to start flowering? I'm guessing even if it is possible I'm going to get extremely small harvests, but for now I don't have any other options. Is this possible?
  2. You will have less than a foot of room after lights and pot, unless you find a pot that is low sitting but high volume. Not worth it imo, i would shoot for at least 15 inches of useable space, where the plant can grow and you can actually work with it.
  3. You'll only get a few grams in an enclosure that small, and that's best case scenario, so hopefully you don't burn through more than 1/8th (or even less) a month.

    PC case grows are more for fun, for the experience of growing, novelty, or those tokers who only like to have a few scant puffs on the weekend. They serve a purpose, but if you smoke more than a few grams a month, and your purpose is to supplement your smoking habbits, it probably won't do you much good.
  4. Thanks for the input. Guess I better keep my eyes out for cheap pc cases or grow boxes on ebay.
  5. dont even do that... check goodwill/ the arc/ salvation army and go to their furniture area and check for any sort of small dresser or cabinet type ting... this would probably be the best for money saving to be honest.

    Let me know if this helps

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