Minimum temp needed for seedlings indoors...

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  1. So I think I killed off a week old seeding that was doing awesome. It was a couple inches tall, a few sets of true leaves and all. THEN, one night it got about 58f degrees and the seedling was keeled over dead. Should I have used a heating mat since I haven't turned on my furnace yet this Fall? Thoughts???
  2. I mean, I guess its possible but not sure how probable....that ambient air temperature isn't frost inducing....

    root zone temp would be more important too, imo
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  3. 58f. It will be ok as long as there was no wind blowing directly onto it .
  4. I have had outdoor seedlings grow or survive Northern Nevada winters .
  5. Sounds more like damping off to me personally.
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  6. I keep mine at 24c/76f? I use and inkbird at this important stage,
    I did use a 15min on/off timer it does just as good,

    or like many here simply set it on your modem or similar, with a low cfl within an inch of the top most leaf fro 2 weeks

    good luck
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  7. I've got another plant that's about a month from harvest, should I keep those roots warm also?
  8. sure can! ..back home I tried to grow outdoors in winter just a few autos they still grow, tho I resorted to a 100w fish tank heater once the Root temp dropped below 18c / 65?F, air temp was -15c, outdoors, slow growing with some minor trics - lesson leant ...keep up the heat

    a buddy grew outdoors in the cold with a light bulb on a timer under his 80 usg compost heap,wrapped in kitchen foil
    he claimed it worked great

    good luck
  9. Mine are indoors but in a fairly unheated room, gets down in the 50's.
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    this is the issue I have with the LED's I have used in the past, the leds can use 300-500 watts do a great job,

    but Im spending 2Kw per hour keeping them up to temp, is dumb as Im spending nearly 3 times the cost of an hps to run, so for now I just run a 600w HPS in old school style,

    the 600w hps may cost a bit more than an LED but hey I get free heat

    I've been know to use a pad 12x12 inches of polystyrene to keep them roots up to temp

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