Minimum pot size for my pot?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ninja scrub, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. What is the minimum pot size that i can use to grow my cannabis? I'm doing a micro grow, and i dont have much space as far as height, but the box (gutted stereo) is kind of wide (11" wide, and 1' deep). So i wanted to use the smallest pot possible, so that i have as much room as i can for my cannabis to grow in.
  2. as for pots its supost to be 1 gallon per foot you want to grow so convert im too lazy lol
  3. thanks man.
    So how could i increase the amount of space, without building another grow box thing
  4. well how tall are you wanting to grow it
  5. I want to keep is as short as i can, while still geting at LEAST 2-3 grams
  6. 2-3 grams? you will get that it a dixie cup lol if thats all your shooting for then you will be fine with what you got
  7. 2-3 grams? why waste electricity?lol [​IMG]
  8. It's basically just to gain some growing experience, so im not really focusing on yeild. (since this is my first micro grow, i just want to see how it works out and find what i need to improve on)

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