Minimum Odor Strain pick from my stock

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    Hi guys,

    I'm a lil cautious of odor cuz the environment is strict. I have a few strains from the attitude. Please comment on the strain that you know to have minimum odor. I'm a noob. Please pick something easier :)Thanks guys!

    edit- for hydro and indoor

    Dinafem Seeds Royal Haze
    G13 Labs Pineapple Express
    Vision Seeds Jack Herer
    Ch9 Female Seeds Vintage 2006
    Positronic Seeds Cum Laude
    Positronics Seeds Jack Diesel
    Cali Connection Boss Hogg 2 REG
    TH Seeds Critical HOG
    Delta 9 Labs Sativa House Mix 5 REG
    Dinafem Seeds White Widow AUTO
    G13 Labs Gigabud
    G13 Labs Auto NL x Auto AK fem + 2 x Super Skunk fem
    Dinafem Seeds Kush'N'Cheese
  2. ALL of them WILL smell in full flower and for WEEKS. sorry dude :/
  3. Ohhhhhhhh F!
  4. that doesnt mean DONT grow though. Just get a carbon filter for your inline fan and seal up the leaks with reflective metal duct tape :) many of us grow in closets or in areas around other people who have no idea
  5. Ona gell works great too!
  6. Negative Ion generators work too and are fairly cheap, I got 1500+g wet drying in the next room now and you cant smell anything, but if you push the hot air outside, you will have to have a giant carbon filter.

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