minimum height of sativa?

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  1. do most sativas grow taller than 4 1/2 feet? if they do is controlling it so they dont get any taller than 4 1/2 feet going to be a big issue?

  2. they get as tall as you want them too
    you control there grow and veg stages and how long they are
  3. As the use above me said you can change the height of the plant with different verities of methods. such ass light placement and on/off times. You can also throw your plant into early flowering by switching to 12/12 with 2700k cfl's or by switching to High Pressure Sodium lights from Metal Halide's. The down side is the quality of the marijuana. If you're trying to keep it under 4.5 feet then it wont be as dank as you could get your buds.
  4. veggin for a short period of time will help. maybe 2 weeks or less. you could flower from seed/clone. LST. tons of things you can do to keep a sativa down.

    my box is 4' tall, and has to have lights suspended lower than that. I have a sativa dominant that has been fine before, but if you let it veg too long, its outta control in no time. my first attempt i vegged about 6 weeks, and didnt get anywhere near the end of flower before it was way too tall. but i didnt do anything like LST either.

    as for the dankness, that has nothing to do with height. sativa's take longer to mature, maybe 8-12 weeks, maybe longer. if you can keep control of the height all the way, youll have some mindblowing shit.
  5. good to know it doesn't mess with the quality. im gonna start the flowering after they get 18-20 inches tall hopefully ill be good
  6. Untamed and with enough root volume, a sativa can be expected to get to at least 8 feet by harvest, possibly a lot bigger. You can use LST or scrog to keep it under 4.5 ft, but keep in mind that not all strains of sativa take to well to such training techniques.
  7. also, dont go with a huge pot

    my pots are like 5.75x5.75x6.5. not that big. it helps bind the roots. less roots = less plants.

    with some sativas, this just lowers the height of the plant, but given the length of flower, still produces great buds. but, as was said by toasty, some dont do as well with the tecniques. if you have a sativa dominant hybrid, your chances are a little better than with a pure sativa too.
  8. i dont want to go with the scrog, but i am interested in low stress techniques, where do i learn more about it?
  9. theres a LST sticky in one of the forums I think

    but just search lst, theres about 1000 hits just on grasscity probably

    lots of ways to do it, no single "correct" way. just a concept more or less

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