Minimum grow conditions.

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  1. I have bag of seeds, and I'm going to plant one in a small planter I have in my house. I can't have it outside, but a window sill is good. And maybe a small lamp? Only for one plant. Until I need to move it, and everyday watering. will it grow? I've heard it will, under good care!
  2. sorry, not enough light.
  3. you still need more light 100 watts and up will do the the trick with watering aircirculation/ventalation and nutes wu=ith water misting.
  4. "Maybe" a "small" lamp? Not much for us to go on. With that vague information I will give a definite maybe myself. A window sill alone is not enough. And a "small" planter -- how small?

    If you want a specific answer, you need to ask a specific question.

  5. It might grow, it is a weed, but that is a far cry from growing anything you can smoke. And no, the light you are thinking of using will not be the correct light you need. You should go buy and read a good book first.
  6. hey i am a first time grower and i live in a bachelor apartment so space is an issue but i found a small tent 2 by 2 by 4.5 tall (thats in feet) here is the setup,,,,,Bustan - Toronto Hydroponics Grow Lights Nutrients Hydroponic Supplies Canada
    scroll down i am gunna get the whole setup with everything included.... evetually this will be for mothers or veg but that is later this is now and here are my questions! so i have a small closet and i plan on doing that tent 2 by 2 by 4.5 just for flowering and beside it i will have a rubbermaid double container just for veg cycle, does the veg cycle need a filter? ?????? or will the smell be minimal??????????? how many plants can i fit in the tent 3 full size females?????? do i have to use these gallon buckets they take up a lot of space? can i use something not soo huge like a 2 liter container so i can fit more plants in my flower stage????????????? will i be able to flower the whole 9 weeks in that small of a tent or will i have to trim branches? I also might be making a pc grow box but i might just use that as a dry chamber bc it will deal with the smell? in my tent i wanted to switch to a 430 hps light so i cld get some huge badass nugs that are dense i will have to upgrade my fan so the tent isn't too hot, anything else i will have to watch? ?????????? the tent has huge appeal b/c it is fool proof and everything is ready to rock i just have to assemble (i haven't bought it yet ) the rubbermaid i am building is bringing up lots of procrastination due to cost and what lack of knowledge. and my pc is stripped i just have to resamble and i have found all the parts i needed at a local hardware store! i am thinking of using bloom for my feeding process and suggestion? i can't wait to hear from people and i am going to get a month or so more knowledge before i start i am about to go get a book to help me stay organized and for feeding schedules and all that shit when i do start, plus i want to log my cost aswell!
    look forward to any advice u may to offer thank u soo much everyone!

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