Minimizing smell outdoors?

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    Hey guys, Just want to know any methods of minimizing smell, As mum is saying they are starting to smell a bit so wondering if there any natural ways or general ways of reducing the smell a bit? or masking it, Mums got a mint plant or a peppermint whatever it is would moving it near my plants mask the smell slightly, Just don't want people to get suspicious as there's a walk path between my house and the neighbour's
    Thank you in advance lads
    PS: I'm referring to AUTOFLOWERS

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  2. Not sure you will be able to mask it.

    You could try many varying vagrant flowers. Depending on the plant smell strength and number of plants you will need a lot and will quickly become expensive.

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  3. Not much you can do. How about burning citronella candles around the grow during high traffic hours on the pathway? Could keep the smell and insects down.

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  4. Friend of mine had a water fountain at the entrance to his backyard that he dumped a whole bottle of concentrated herbal extracts into.
    I wouldnt say it worked great but it helped make the plant odour a little harder to identify right away, at least while you were within a few feet of the fountain.

    Citronella candles aren't a bad idea, or get a little backyard fireplace and burn those 8hr Duraflame logs.
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    Depending on your local by-laws, that could be an issue though.
  5. Got a peppermint plant next to my grow. Don't get me wrong the smell isn't too intense but i imagine it will be fairly soon

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  6. Get about 3 or 4 large dogs and dont pooper scoop. Let that shit ferment in your back yard. The stench will keep you and others away.
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  7. I've already got 2 dogs, Not a lie my dogs shit stinks

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  8. add cameras and you will feel better
  9. More dogs...more shit.....maybe a couple family pigs

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