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Minimizing Munchies?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ohms, Aug 14, 2011.

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    How do I got about minimizing the desire to eat copious amounts of treats while high?

    There are three venues that I am aware of:

    1) Supplement your toking with appetite suppressing stims: coffee, energy drinks, caffeine pills, ephedrine, cigarettes, etc.

    2) Drinking lots of water, eating foods high in fibers and protein to fill you up, eating things with high internal water content (fruits mainly) or just large in volume and 'heavy' despite not being high in calories (two cans of tuna)

    3) Avoiding certain strains that have strong appetite-amplifying effects.

    I want to expand on some of these methods and explore new ideas as to how to really shut down the munchies.
  2. i dont get the munchies that much when i vape but idk, i prefer to just eat healthy when i have the munchies. freeze some grapes or get some organic Popsicles, i recommend passion fruit.
  3. I'm having the munchies every night. I hate it! I eat up the entire house. Then when I wake up in the morning: Nothing to eat in the morning.

    But now i'm temporarily living with my rents, so can't be noisy all night making some food, so for now i'm just suppressing my munchies, or just eating some left overs :S

    Oh, and drink chocolate milk when you've got the munchies. It'll make the munchies go away.
  4. Munchies has "forced" me to eat healthy, take advantage of it!

    If you know you're gonna snack up every night, just buy some healthy shit. You'd be SURPRISED how much eating a healthy diet effects your mood and confidence - I used to eat frozen pizzas and shit like that, now I eat good stuff. Forces you to learn how to cook properly too.

    Drink fruit smoothies, eat nuts and berries (unsalted nuts motherfuckers), stock your fridge with veggies, fish, lean meat like chicken and turkey and limit your sodas, beers etc

    Overeating kills the buzz of your high anyways

    blaze on :smoking:
  5. drink alot of milk or water. or healthy stuff.
    my friend use to live like a hermit. smoke weed all day and sit in her room. she got really big then she just started eating healthy and refuse to eat while having munchies. and now she looks really good again
  6. I agree with VikingToker. Sometimes having the munchies helps me eat really healthy.
    I get cravings for super healthy things when I'm munching out, plus having my wake n bake gives me an appetite for breakfast.

    But yea, I agree, munchies can really suck sometimes. That's why I normally toke up after I eat.
  7. I always drink the first glass way to fast. So I have to get another one :(

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