Minimal growth... experts anyone...

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  1. i have a plot of 15 in a forested area, they seem to be groing extremely slow, ive used organic slow release fertilizer, other than that i just planted them in the soil that mother nature gave us.

    heres a picture of the largest one i started these on june 10th.

    All of them are females except for one male that is half that size yet flowering already

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  2. Probably has something to do with being in the woods. They need at least 4 hours of direct sunlight.
  3. im havign the same problems i germed 6 seeds june 11 now i hav 3 1 looks liek your biggest and the other 2 look like thier 7 days old my shits growing sloowwww
  4. My guess is the amount of light they're getting as well.
  5. Agreed, a lot of stretch between those nodes.
  6. thank you for all the advice.

    ill probably transplant them to a creek near by.

    I was wondering if it would be a good idea if i dig up the plants and put them in large rubber maid tubs that have 1/2" holes cut out of the bottom every 5" then putting the tubs in shallow slow moving areas in the creek, as too avoid having to repeatedly walk back and forth to water them also their are very few trees nor shrubs that would be blocking the sunlight.:confused_2:
  7. It's not good to put them in the creek, man, they'll drown. Drainage is just as important as moisture to root development. Set up a tank and drip line if you can't get to water them everyday. And get those gals some light, they'll fill in.
  8. Are they in a tiny pot or something? It kinda looks like it is and that could be your problem... But anyways I planted some clones at the end of june and they get barley any direct sunlight but they are still 3.5 feet big. You should get some good soil and if you can move it somewhere it can get more light.
  9. Did you dig out a nice big hole and loosen all the soil where the plant was going to be before you put it there? If not it might just be that the soil is that compact/clustered with other roots that the roots off your plants cant grow through the ground properly.

    The roots need some good loose medium to grow in or the plants wont ever be able to get big.

  10. i started them in biodegradable planter pots that should answer your question, and yes before i planted them i churned and loosened the soil till it was soft.

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