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miniature tincture

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by WeedSlayer, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. I have about .5 of some dank from a concert a week or so ago. Now ive been interested in trying the green dragon tincture Or a glycerin tincture. I tossed the half a gram in a mini jar tossed about half or three fourths of a shot of everclear in. Now im going to let it soak for maybe about two to three weeks. judging on how this turns out will tell me what i do wrong and right here. I did decarb the ganja and such first if this turns out good I'll make it with a half oz of dank. Do yall think that two grams to every half ounce of glycerin would be to much for when i do the real deal? I want it to be se super super potent. Something like one drop or two and your baked.

    maybe two grams to an ounce of glycerin because ive heard these get more potent as time goes on. Plus it'll probably be only me having these drops unless i go to my uncles every once and a while then hell have probably a drop of it.
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    For me that would be very weak. I'm doing a glycerin/almond oil/alcohol extraction with 2 ml of glycerin, 2ml of almond oil and a ml and a half of over proof rum. Thats only 5ml of fluid after the water evaporates off.. a gram and a half of granddaddy purp .. thats a .3 per ml.. this may get me high off a drop or two but i have an incredibly high tolerance.

    If you decarb your green correctly you should be able to turn it into a powdery kief like substance and fit a lot into a little bit.

    If you have any questions just ask, i have some experience with this matter.

    The granddaddy purp, some eye candy :hello::smoke:

    im doing a small controlled test trying to develop the best methods myself..

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  3. try simmering it a little in a hot water bath, just below the boiling point of the everclear speed things up. You still need to wait a few weeks after that for optimal potency.

    And i don't think you can make it concentrated enough that a drop (there's about 25 drops in a ml) can get you high. You can't dissolve enough THC in there, unless you have a really low tolerance. 1ml for a good dose is probably the strongest you can make it.
  4. I meant a dropper quiter when I put two grams to every oz of glycerin for my tincture when I feel I have the mini tinctures like expierenced more then just straight up shooting for a half ounce of bud and have a shitty tincture

  5. Yeh this is just me kind of fucking around a little with left over bud that I really dont want to smoke at the moment. Im going to try and get into the tincture game because, Im going back to school this week and Ill probably really need to medicate, but wont smoke before class (dont have a vape) so I dont reek the place up and draw attention. So my plan is just drop a few drops into a coffee to drink before hand and be lifted for the lectures.:hello:

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