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mini vapouriser instead of joint?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by blueschill, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. I found this on the net I have never used vaps before and wondered if this would be any better for my pain relief.
    I dont want anything big because i like to keep it low key as my wife isnt totally comfortable with it.

    Plus since ive had cancer , and now severe arthuritus and osteonecrosis its gotta be more healthier than smoking it with tobacco right?

  2. Looks fine from here if the price is right for you.
  3. Hmm I might go for it then, least then I'm not always feeling like I'm watching my bak when I'm sparking up in my garden, I petrified of the neighbours grassing me in lol

    Has anyone else used these things?
  4. :D You might want to think some more then... There may be no smoke, it is certainly better for your health....

    But the smell will not be stopped by vaping, if any thing it will be more of that beautiful pure clean fresh bud smell than smoking puts up.

    They may think your a grower and drop by looking to score. :p
  5. Funny u say that, it's bout 2.30 am an was sitting in the dark in bk garden, having a smoke, nearly finished, when I heard one of the neighbours back gate open then close. I put it out sneaked inside not making a noise. My heart were going like the clappers. I don't like the smell it gives off, it's a pure giveaway and its very strong
  6. There are lots of other ways. Here is a sampler pack to get you thinking.
  7. Although my Arizer Solo might not be considered a "mini" by some, there's 2 main reasons why I pick it over smoking:

    1) with vaporizers, you get maybe 20-30 minutes of a slightly noticeable odor versus letting the entire neighborhood know that you've sparked up. (Useful if you're in an environment like dorms, non-smoking facilities, etc.)

    2) heated plant material is far more healthy for you than material that has undergone combustion. I don't know a ton about the carcinogenic properties of smoke, but I know enough to say that combustion produces carbonized molecules which may have cancerous properties and other potential health effects. Plus I've noticed that, compared to smoking, vaporizing produces a far smoother drag & almost no coughing fits.
  8. dont waste your money on that smoke J's
  9. Using a vaporizer does yield fewer undesirable compounds as the plant material itself never undergoes combustion. I would consult with a physician or knowledgeable dispensary about your options. I find the high to be somewhat different, so ask around and try to find someone willing to let you try it yourself before buying.
  10. As for the smell, it deffinatly gets diminished quite a bit. Fuck there was even a few kids i went to highschool with who would use a handheld vape in class sitting on their desk, they just put theyre head down and vape under theyre arms, pretty sketchy if you ask me, but none the less they never got caught..
  11. It's not really a vape. Just get a non portable good one for like 100 something
  12. That thing WILL combust your bud
  13. I still got my old vape daddy, just havent used it in ages due to the fact that i broke the bowl part -.- i should get off my ass an go buy one lol
  14. I can't ask a pharmacy or doc coz its illegal in England

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