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  1. I picked up a 8 inch glass on glass bong here's a pic
    I have a dynomite 14-16 inch beaker tube
    And this little bong I just got Rips so much smoother! I could rip a whole bowl easy! Amd the hits are full and tasty
    Do You all like bigger tubes or the smaller ones? I think smaller tubes are way tastier and I can Rip way better.


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  2. Decent little tube, too wide for how short it is if you ask me though, but of course you didn't ask me :p

    How much did you pick it up for?

    And I enjoy long and short tubes, usually bigger tubes for herb and smaller ones for concentrates.

  3. It is pretty wide
    It kinda sketched me as well at first but then I took into account that if it was any thinner it would have bad splash back! So I think it is good.
    And the price was 60. Price sketched me but it was one of the few good looking ones) : not legal states blow

  4. Nice pickup!

    Looks like my newer mini tube and I love it. I still prefer my 21" tube for the perc and increased diffusion but I'm sold on small tubes for personal daily toking!

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  5. Oooh shit!! That's a Sexy little tube! And yeah you are totally right. Daily users fo sure and I understand that about the 21inch! But I seem to get stale hits from anything over a foot) :
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