Mini Top Load Oil Globe vs. Regular Globe

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by bmorebuddhabro, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I am in the midst of pricing out several different oil rig options and am currently looking at stuff on the forbidden "water lab" site. They have one oil dome set up that is listed as a "Mini Top Load" and runs about $48 (currently discounted for whatever reason) and another that appears to me just a "normal" size and is listed around $52.

    What is the difference? Is it the size of opening in the top or the height of the rig itself? Just don't want to purchase a mini for a few bucks less if its gonna be skimping me in some way
  2. It looks like the nail is what's mini, but that could just be weird angles in the pictures or something.
  3. chose quick! i think the discounts only run a couple days because of black friday. also check out dab lab they might have somthing what your looking for. Sorry though i cant answer your question because i dont have an oil rig although im guessing the mini top has a smaller opening where you dab into. As long as your not taking a dab the width of a qurter you should be fine haha. they both work the same i would guess.
  4. Yea good point. Went ahead and did it, saved a few bucks with the sale. In terms of my original question, the difference in price is too minimal for me to risk getting something too skimpy. I just hope the glass nails hold up through at least few g's worth of dabs. Gotta friend who just got a nice oil rig bub with a skillet so I am hoping to cop his ti nail at a discount.

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