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  1. Hello everyone, My name is Albert and i recently bought a mini sunburst and am wondering how good it is for growing. If any one has knowledge on how good or bad this light is i would love to hear about it. I payed $75 from amazon and it shipped in 3 days which surprised me because it predicted to come in 5-7, so I was extremely excited when it came :hello: . I will be vegging for a little longer with cfls till the seedlings are bigger and need more light. I hope to see many reviews on this product!

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  3. I have a 400 I use for vegging & I've had no problems out of it..

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  4. I started out using 150watt HPS. It should be fine for small plants but is quickly outmatched by the plant. I'm ran 3 of them at one point until I upgraded to 1000w. It was a huge improvement. I recommend keeping them short. Maybe LST one maybe two plants at most. Don't expect big bus. They will be small popcorn buds and will yields an 1/2 oz or so.
  5. I used a 150 watt hps 2 plants, I grew short the topped at 40 inches,desent plant would have been better for sure but it will work till u can kick it up..

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  6. Check my grow log in my sig, I've been using one of these from the get-go on a couple of autos  :metal:

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