Mini Rc helicopters

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  1. I remember my little nephew got one of these for Christmas and I was messin around with it, and they are a shitload of fun. I looked them up online and they're a hell of alot cheaper than in the mall. So I went ahead and ordered one. For $25 with shipping you can't beat the price for how much fun you'll get out of on.

    Any other blades have any of these they fly?

    Here's the link to some if you want to check them out.
    The s107 is the best, it has a full metal body while most others have plastic bodys.
    [ame=] Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter - Colors may vary: Toys & Games[/ame]


  2. All rc shit is fun copters planes cars boats est but the copters always crash when I use them
  3. Had one of those. Boy my puppy went nuts trying to catch that thing. And then one day she did catch it. It was never the same after that. Lotsa fun to play with.
  4. never had one..

    my old boss had on tho..

    the model type for $600 +

    lookin mighty sweet.

    but for $18 + tax..

    i mite just get some.
  5. Yeah you can even get them at Wal-Mart my buddy had like 3 of them fun when all of us had them going at once. He had the ones where you press a button annd a little plastic missle type piece flys out.
  6. I have a s107, it's probably a fake for 20 dollars since they retail at 60 haha.
  7. my neighbors little kid had one of these and he was flying it in my house during a bbq and my dog bite it out the air and ate it:( i bought him a new one though lol but i always wondered if anyone in the mall got hit by them when there being flown lol
  8. You guys just gave me an idea on how to smuggle junk across the border, brb....
  9. I sell these at my work, they are cool until you crash one and then they don't fly straight anymore and eventually the propeller motor will just make it spin and do 360s. :smoke:
  10. [quote name='"poichung12"']I had a 5 foot long gas powered one when I was a kid. Sliced my grandmothers head clean off.[/quote]


    Always wanted one of those things though, they look like fun

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