Mini-rant about morons.

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  1. Let me start this by saying this: I love drugs. All kinds of drugs. Soft drugs, hard drugs, addictive drugs, non-addictive drugs. I know this sounds childish in a way, but I love being able to expand my mind in ways that the ordinary person wouldn't.

    Now to the rant. I hate it when people say, I just wanna get fucked up. Without care of what a drug does to their body. Before I try any drug, I always research what is actually going on in your body. When I take a specific drug I can tell you how its being broken down and metabolized in your body etc, etc. I love being able to talk about it with people as well. But people just straight up don't care. They just don't want to be sober. It is extremely annoying.

    Case-in-point: I was talking to this guy I work with the other day, the guy is a total fuckup in every sense of the word. We start talking about some rolls I had just picked up, and the first thing he asks me is, "Meth, Heroin, or Coke based?" I couldn't help but just to blankly stare at him. This guy, talks about how many drugs he does 24/7 (like seriously, never fucking stops). I sometimes indulge, because I get a kick out of it. Here's this person who says that he rolls quite often, and still believes there is certain "based" ecstasy. I try explaining to him that there is no such thing as "based" ecstasy, and that he might be talking about what it's cut with, and that cutting ecstasy with coke or herion makes no sense. But this guy won't listen, he still claims it has to be coke, heroin, or meth "based." I tell him that I have to go back to work, and quite frankly, I'm angry. Angry that such misinformation is being spread because the Govenment cannot properly test drugs, and put out the straight facts without distorting some of the data.

    I don't know what the purpose of this was. :smoke:
  2. Oh yeah drugs. Gotta love drugs.

    Edit: Thats a Simpson's quote.
  3. "A small percentage of MDMA pills have been found to be cut with various substances; typical substances include caffeine, methamphetamine and ephedrine,"

    quoted from wikipedia

    i;ve known some1 took a ex was said to be coke-based and he held it under his tongue for a while b4 swallowing and his mouth went numb
  4. I know what you mean about annoying ignorant people, but I also know the "wanna get as fucked as possible as fast as possible" feeling. But you should at least know your stuff first, yeah....

    And that guy thinking e is "based" in some other drug..... slap him for me. Some people may mix it for personal use, and he probly knows someone who did that and is stupid enough to assume everyone does.

  5. Yeah, but not normally.

  6. Yes, it can be CUT with different substances, cocaine and herion aren't common because it wouldn't make sense to cut a cheap drug with an expensive drug. There is no such thing as "coke-based" MDMA.
  7. heroin is expensive?...

    coke is, i know that, but in connecticut (seriously, alot of junked out people here, its a problem in some areas) shits cheap...but i dont fuck with H, baddd of my ex-bestfriends been on and off it since he was 17 mannn:(
  8. i'm 99.99999999999999% sure they are talking about the tab being cut with other substances so that it will press into a pill. they aren't tallking about mdma itself, but the base of the pill itself would be one of those substances. i don't see what's so terrible about referring to it in that manner, but i could be wrong.
  9. I'd have to say it's really normal, unless you get molly(Pure MDMA), which then obviously...
  10. of course there isn't coke based MDMA but there is coke based EX. they say pure MDMA because the EX is 100% MDMA, while others are sometimes blended with meth or coke
  11. of course there isn't coke based MDMA but there is coke based EX. they say pure MDMA because the EX is 100% MDMA, while others are sometimes blended with meth or coke. And it would make sense to mix because it's such a small amount, and you still get a certain type of buzz from it
  12. I think that when someone says "I just wanna get fucked up," it is a completely conditional statement. I only smoke bud and drink on a regular basis. I've dipped into many other drugs but again, I only smoke and drink on a regular basis. With that said.. when I claim "I wanna get fucked up" it means I wanna smoke a couple of Js and drink heavily. That gets me pretty fucked up. I dont know anybody that says "I just wanna get fucked up" and will accept any pill, drink or other substance that will get them fucked up without taking into account its repercussions.
  13. i dont like the getting fucked up statement as a person

    i dont smoke to get full out fucked up, i get high to see it from another view...however i havent seen the sober side of the world for a few years really...;)

    okayyy i like being stoned too, but i like doing stuff stoned...dont like to do it to fuck me up, like to do it to make my thoughts easier to handle (i think of some fucked up shit)

  14. Agreed. I've had E cut with a lot of shit...

    But Fuck E... It's definitly something that will fuck you up later in life. I can't stand ignorant people who are reckless with drugs. They're the ones that get busted, due to irresponsibility. And it sucks, Cause you wind up babysitting their paranoid, drug, puking tripping ass cause they ain't know shit about the drugs they take...

  15. Bolded for the motherfucking truth.
  16. Once again spaz you got my point across without me having to say anything at all F*CKIN A man:hello:
  17. Agree man, I like getting messed up every now and then but not all the time. Not good for yourself and I've had some bad experiences. Researching drugs before doing them is the best way to go and best way to learn about them. Good job man, your right there with me:hello:
  18. actually, alot of ecstasy got alot of other shit in it like meth, heroin, coke, mda, 2c-e, 5-meo-amt, etc.

    people press anything into a pill and call it ecstasy, and as long as it gets you fucked up, it'll sell

    so perhaps your the moron?, look it up, its a lil outdated, but e pills are sitll made with the same shit that they tested for back then

  19. Coke and MDMA fight for the same transmitters in the brain, using a pill pressed with coke will have little to no effect, and the customer wouldn't repeat. Plus the amount of coke you must consume orally is much large than what would be pressed into a pill. Heroin is way more expensive than MDMA, making it very unlikely that it would be pressed into an Ecstasy pill. I say unlikely, not impossible, there have been cases where both are pressed into a pill. If anything is going to be in your pill it is going to be Meth , Ketamine, and MDA.

    However, if you read what I was trying to say isn't whether or not it was cut with a substance, but it was straight up based off another substance.

    "As long as it gets you fucked up, it'll sell."

    I'll personally call bullshit on that. If I try to score some E (which, I mean, I want MDMA, cut with nothing, and if anything, maybe a little speed), and I start tripping fucking balls, somebody is going to lose a customer. Putting somebody in a situation where they are experiencing a different drug than they were wanting is not a good business practice.
  20. True, but drug dealers don't care, unless you find an extremely reliable dealer who knows his shit.

    In my experience, those are few and far between.

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